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Counter Strike 2 (Get Into the Limited Test)

Credits: Valve

Are you looking forward to playing Counter-Strike 2 in the limited test? Many players are itching to get a chance to join the limited test of CS-2 and get early access. However, getting into the limited test is not as easy as other beta tests. There is no testing signup form to join the limited test. Valve has decided on a different method and started to hand-pick the most loyal and active players for the limited test of CS-2.

Credits: Valve

Selection in the limited test is based on the priority list made by Valve. Where veteran and regular players are getting a chance to explore the game earlier than anyone else. All questions and answers related to limited tests are answered by Valve in its FAQ support section for Counter-Strike 2.

Let’s get into the details of how you can get selected by Valve. First, let’s understand how Valve is selecting players for their CS-2 limited test and how you rank up in the list of early testers of CS-2.

How to Gain Access to the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test?

According to Valve, the players for the limited test are selected on a priority-based system. Valve has also disclosed a number of different factors that will affect your ranking in getting selected for the limited test. These factors include:

  • Recent play time on official servers
  • Player Trust factor
  • Steam account standings

Steam accounts that are locked for any reason, especially Valve Anti Cheat System VAC bans will not be accepted in the limited test of CS-2 even if they fulfill the above criteria. However, Players with locked accounts can join only if their account is unlocked.

How to Know if you are Selected for the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test?

If you are lucky enough and get chosen to participate in the limited test. You will receive an in-game notification in CS:GO main menu to join the limited test. You can open the invitation and select “ENROLL” and CS-2 will start downloading. Once you have downloaded you can run the game from CS: GO menu and play CS-2 in limited test mode.

Features in the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test?

Don’t get your hopes too high for the limited test. Currently, only unranked competitive and death match matchmaking will be available. Unfortunately, this release only features the Dust2 map, you have to wait for future releases to play other maps and game modes.

How Many Players Will be Selected for Limited Test

The number of players is not specified. Valve has announced that they will keep adding more players to the limited test system. If you have not received an invite for CS-2 limited test keep on playing CS-GO you might get selected soon.

How to Increase Your Chances to Play Counter Strike 2 Limited Test?

If you are not currently selected for the limited test worry not, not all of us are lucky enough to get it on the first try. Valve has announced adding more players to the limited test environment so keep your hopes high for getting an invitation. Also, some players are worried about prime status but Valve has not mentioned anything about the prime status. That means it’s an open opportunity for everyone.

As Valve has mentioned their criteria for the selection you can use that as an opportunity and start playing CS: GO to increase your chances of selection.

The first tip is to play CS: GO competitive and casual modes on official servers to increase your server time. As playtime is supposed to be the most crucial part of the limited test selection, it’s better to increase your playing hours and get back in the game. You should also try to avoid community servers as their playing time will not be counted by Valve.

The second tip is to play at a party of friends. This will get you a chance to get commended and avoid reports. If you are playing with a random party try to communicate with your teammates and have a healthy gaming environment. By getting commended and having good communication your trust factor will increase thus increasing your chances of getting selected.

I used to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and have around 1k hours. However,  I also have yet to receive the invitation because I was not playing CS for the last two years and moved on to different games. Many loyal CS players are waiting for the invitation so it’s best to play more and increase your chances.

Using and Modifying CS: GO Inventory Items in Counter-Strike 2?

Yes, you can use all the weapons, stickers, and other items from your CS: GO inventory in the limited test. As your inventory will be available in your Counter-Strike 2. However, modifying is another story, players in CS-2 limited test can’t modify their items in CS-2 they can do it in CS: GO but not in the limited test environment. 

How Long Will the Limited Test Last?

Valve has not set any limits for the limited test. As they have mentioned that currently, the limited test is restricted to Dust2 and more maps will be available in the future limited test. That means it’s going to continue for a while. There can be multiple rollouts of the limited test before the launch of the game in the summer of 2023. 

Another possibility is that the game itself is rolled out in patches after every successful limited test implementation. No one currently knows what Valve will do and how long it will take.

Can I Still Play CS: GO During the Limited Test?

Yes, you can play CS: GO normally during the limited test phase. The limited test is a special feature for selected players and it won’t affect CS: GO. Those who are selected to play Counter-Strike 2 can also play CS: GO.

Wrap up

It’s a good time to reinstall and start playing Counter-Strike again. As we have all waited for a long time for Counter-Strike 2 and early joining the Limited Test will be fun to test things out. Following the Valve criteria of getting selected will help you gain early access to your favorite FPS game and its future testing.

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