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10 Fun Facts About The Pokémon Company In 2024

10 Fun Facts About The Pokémon Company In 2024
10 Fun Facts About The Pokémon Company In 2024 (Pixabay)

Here are 10 fun facts about the Pokémon company in 2024:

  • The Pokémon company achieved record profit growth, with $11.6 billion in total revenue from licensed products, showing the incredible popularity of the franchise.
  • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the main series games of Generation IX, introduced a new style of adventure with the freedom to explore at your own pace and follow your own path.
  • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet also featured Tera Raid events, where players could team up with up to 100 other trainers to battle giant Pokémon and earn rare rewards.
  • Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the first open-world RPG in the series, received a sequel that explored the ancient history of another region, with new forms and mechanics.
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, the spin-off series that lets you play as a Pokémon, returned with a new game that featured over 1000 Pokémon and a dynamic story that changed based on your choices.
  • Pokémon GO, the augmented reality game that lets you catch Pokémon in the real world, celebrated its 8th anniversary with special events, bonuses, and exclusive content.
  • Pokémon Sleep, the app that tracks your sleep patterns and rewards you with Pokémon, launched in 2024 after several delays and became a hit among fans who wanted to catch some Z’s.
  • Pokémon Unite, the strategic team battle game that pits Pokémon against each other in 5v5 matches, added new modes, maps, and Pokémon, as well as cross-play and cross-progression features.
  • Pokémon Masters EX, the mobile game that lets you team up with famous trainers and Pokémon from the series, celebrated its 5th anniversary with a massive update that added new sync pairs, events, and features.
  • The Pokémon World Championships 2024, the biggest tournament for competitive Pokémon players, was held in Honolulu, Hawaii, and featured various games from the franchise, including VGC, TCG, and Pokémon GO.
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