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How to dominate as a Jungler in Pokemon Unite? How Pros Play!

How to play and dominate as Jungler in Pokemon Unite

To play as the jungler in Pokemon Unite is similar to becoming a jungle main in any MOBA. It is a make-or-break kind of scenario. Your team can either win the game comfortably or lose it very badly due to your silly mistakes.

You are at a level advantage from the start and the goal is to capitalize on that to become a hero for the squad.

But what should be your strategy as a Jungler? Should you take the Baltoys first or go for the Accelgor and Escavalier? What should be the next lane you need to go to? And what are the objectives you must have in mind? Let’s discuss all of them below.

I have been playing the game for almost two years and have been watching a lot of championships. So, this is coming from someone who knows a thing or two about the tactics and approach.

Now without any further ado, here’s how to play as the jungler like a pro in Pokemon Unite.

1. Kill the Aura-giving Wild Pokemon First

So the primary step is to “not” go for Baltoys first which many players usually do after eliminating Xatu. The Baltoys are not as important as Accelgor and Escavalier.

Accelgor and Escavalier in Pokemon Unite
Accelgor (Top) and Escavalier (Bottom)

You first need to get rid of Escavalier and it’ll give you a purple aura reducing the move cooldowns. Afterward, knock out Accelgor to get an orange aura that decreases the speed of opposing Pokemon. Finally, go for Baltoys after you get AEOS energy from these two.

The motive is to get your aura pokemon to respawn as soon as possible. Accelgor and Escavalier will be back up again exactly after a minute. And that’s when you’ll be returning to the jungle once again.

2. Go to the bottom or Top Lane Before 8:50 Swablus

Once you finish the jungle, your Pokemon will be at level 5. Now is the time to decide which lane you’re heading toward. Take a look at the top and bottom of the map and see where the team needs you.

If you’re not solo queuing, there’s always an option to communicate with the members. Preferably, you should be in a lane where getting a cheap KO or two is easier. This will help you level up even more.

Bottom lane Altaria and Swablus in Pokemon Unite
Bottom lane Altaria and Swablus

All in all, make sure you help the team get the Altaria and Swablus at 8:50. These not only give AEOS energy but also offer a great deal of experience.

They respawn every 90 seconds (7:20, 5:50, 4:20, 2:50, and 1:20), so take them as many times as you can.

3. Return to your Jungle Back Again

To play and excel as a jungler in Pokemon Unite, your game awareness needs to be top-notch. Don’t forget that your jungle’s wild Pokemon will respawn one minute after they are killed.

For instance, if you KO’d Escavalier at 9:30 and Accelgor at 9:20, they’d be back at 8:30 and 8:20, respectively.

So if nothing highly important is happening in the lanes at the moment, go back to the jungle and boost up your level.

4. Try and take the Central Swablus & Altaria at 8:00

Once you clear the jungle for the second time, it’s time for some central play. Go to the Rayquaza spot at exactly 8:00, and you’ll meet Altaria and Swablus once more. Eliminate them to get some additional EXP.

Central Altaria and Swablus
Central Altaria and Swablus

In case you engage in a fight in the middle, it’s always better to ask for support or get out of it if you’re losing the battle. However, if you’re at a higher level, which I assume you would be as a jungler, then winning a 1v1 won’t be very difficult.

The bees will be back every 90 seconds before the appearance of the final boss.

5. Be on time for the Regis at 7:00

Regises are the first main objective in the game. There will be one from Regice, Registeel, and Regirock at the bottom. And at the top, you’ll always have Regieleki.

All of them have a 3-minute respawn period. They will show up again exactly 180 seconds after any team secures them.

Registeel, Regirock, and Regice in Unite
Registeel, Regirock, and Regice from top to bottom

I suggest going to the bottom Regis instead of Regieleki, as a jungler. They give the team more EXP and increase their abilities.

Regieleki in Pokemon Unite
Regieleki in top lane

However, Regieleki is just as important. It’ll make the opposing goal zone defenseless, and you can easily score goals.

But in solo queuing, it’s better to go for the bottom Regis, as they offer more than Regieleki.

Here’s a short intro to the four boss Pokemon.

Registeel: Gives EXP to the entire team and amplifies their attack and special attack for 90 seconds.

Regirock: Gives EXP to the whole team and boosts their defense and special defense for 90 seconds.

Regice: Gives EXP to every team member and enhances their HP recovery rate.

Regieleki: Makes the enemy goal zone defenseless for 25 seconds and helps the team on offense.

6. Support your team with the Level Advantage

If you properly play as the jungler in Pokemon Unite, you should be the highest-level player by the end of the 6-minute mark. Now it’s time to dominate the opposition.

Support the team at the bottom, top, and center, and make sure to not give any easy kills. If your Pokemon dies in a fight, the rival Pokemon will get a lot of EXP. And of course, we don’t want that to happen.

7. Don’t Forget to Score Goals

In the end, you win the match by scoring goals. Having 25 kills but no points scored won’t always secure the game. The jungler needs to play an important part in scoring too.

Scoring a goal in Pokemon Unite
Goal Zone

Especially if you’re rocking the Attack Weight, which increases the attack after every goal, you must keep chipping in with some goals to boost your attack power early on.

8. Make Sure to Save the Unite Move for Rayquaza

Rayquaza is the last boss Pokemon and the most important one. It gives you an indestructible shield, protecting the Pokemon from interruption while scoring. This shield also saves you from the attacks of enemy Pokemon for a while.

Attacking Rayquaza with a unite move
Unite move on Rayquaza

But securing Rayquaza is a tough task. Make sure you and your team have their Unite moves intact for the fight in the central area. If you’re using a long-range Pokemon like Mew, Decidueye, Cinderace, or the like, it will be easier to get Rayquaza with a long attack.

So, this was all about how to play as the jungler like a pro in Pokemon Unite. Follow all the steps I’ve mentioned, and your gameplay will improve by many folds. Always remember, it’s not about your individual stats; it’s about helping the team and winning the game.


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