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How to get: Warzone 2 DMZ Vondel Weapon Case Season 4


Warzone 2 DMZ Vondel is a new map introduced in Season 4 and there are six new rewards for extracting Weapon Cases. These rewards range from vehicle skins, calling cards, emblems, loading screens, and a Sniper Rifle. Here are all the Vondel weapon case rewards and how to get them in Warzone 2 DMZ.

With the launch of Season 4 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II arrives the new DMZ map Vondel. Just like Al Mazrah and Ashika Island, Vondal is also loaded with its own new Weapons case and six new exciting rewards in it.

This guide will go through all the rewards of the Vondal Weapons case and How to get the weapons case on the new map.

Weapon Case Rewards in DMZ Vondel:

The weapons case in Vondel is loaded with six different rewards on each weapons case extraction.

  • First Weapons Case Extraction Reward:  Neptune’s Wake Vehicle Skin
  • Second Weapons Case Extraction Reward: First Mission Calling Card
  • Third Weapons Case Extraction Reward: Shark Attack Calling Card
  • Fourth Weapons Case Extraction Reward: Speeder Emblem
  • Fifth Weapon Case Extraction Reward: Loading Screen Steady Approach
  • Sixth Weapon Case Extraction Reward: Sniper Rifle Between the Eyes

Special Event Weapons Case

The new map of Vondel’s Weapons Case is more or less the same as the Weapons Case in AL Mazrah and Ashika Island. It is a special event that happens once every deployment. It’s a free for all event and one of the most competitive events in DMZ mode. Only one team can extract the Weapons Case in every deployment and you will need to extract it in six different deployments to get all six rewards.

How to locate Weapon Case on Vondel

The first thing is to find the special event Weapon Case, which you can find on your map with the Yellow case icon. Like other weapon cases, this one also has its own requirements and its own boss to kill. 

Vondel Weapon Case Boss is Bullfrog and killing him will grant you the Weapons Case. However, he won’t show right away, once you are on the map a notification will appear that “Bullfrog has entered the Vondel”.

As Bullfrog enters the map a new icon will be added to your map which is a white skull icon and it represents the Bullfrog. Bullfrog will constantly move on the map and its icon will change locations too. 

The Bullfrog is driving an armored truck in Vondel and he will be continuously driving it without stopping. You will be needing a vehicle to chase the Bullfrog and a lot of ammo to bring him down. Weapons like light machine guns and assault rifles are best for the job. You can also use Semtex grenades, rocket launchers, and drill charges as they can do maximum damage to the vehicle.

Playing in a full trio mode is preferred as you can do more damage in less time and toss all the lethal bombardment on Bullfrog to destroy its vehicle. Once the armored vehicle is destroyed the bullfrog will die with it and will drop Weapon Case along with other random loot drops.

You must have to pick up the weapon case and extract it to earn the rewards. Remember that other players will also try to snatch the Weapon Case from you. Be prepared with the best equipment for this task.

Wrap Up

The new map Vondel has bought in a new Weapons Case and the difficulty to obtain it is higher than before. With Season 4 Call of Duty has given its loyal fans more free stuff to grab by playing.

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