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How to Start Playing DMZ Call of Duty Warzone 2.0


The Extraction style mode DMZ of CoD 2.0 is recently gaining more popularity. This game mode is based on Escape from Tarkov. Where players can spawn directly on the map instead of jumping from a plane.

The fun part is players can select their own mission,  finish them and Exfil any time they want. DMZ is the next-generation battle royale gameplay. Let’s dig into DMZ and find out its unique features.

DMZ Mode in CoD 2.0

DMZ is a battle royal mode with the unique feature of extraction locations on the map to extract successfully from the lobby. It is different from normal battle royals. Where players jump from a plane and fight till the last man standing. 

Players are spawned randomly in DMZ on selected locations of the map with their own customized weapon load out. They can also select faction missions for XP and rewards.

The key features of DMZ are the following:

  • Extraction-style battle royal with a solo to a maximum of 3-player squad.
  • Continuously spawning AI bots with weak level 1 to heavily armored level 3 bots
  • Customized loadout and an ability to extract dropped enemy weapons and looted weapons
  • Faction missions and side missions to gain more experience points and rewards

Extraction in DMZ

Multiple extraction points and the possibility of extraction at any time is the most unique feature among all other features of DMZ. Maps in DMZ are loaded with extraction points, these points are marked on the map and you can see green gas emerging from the site of extraction.

Exfil is marked with an exit door sign in blue and black on the map. There are more than 3 Exfil points on every map. However, this changes at the end of the game as radiation spreads and covers all Exfil points, and the final Exfil’s location is revealed. Another way of doing an exfil is by doing a hostage mission which has its own Exfil.

  •  To Exfil you will need to do these steps:
  • Arrive at an active exfil location with green smoke
  • Press F to shoot the flare to call an exfil
  • Keep defending and stay alive (around 30 seconds) as AI bots will come in rushing toward your location
  • Once arrived, Exfil will wait 30 seconds for players to arrive and get on board.
  • Get on the helicopter, it will take 5 seconds to take off
  • If you stay alive in all this you will get EXP and rewards from successful exfil.

Weapon Loadout DMZ

The weapon system in DMZ is different from a normal battle royal. Players don’t have to loot weapons to gear up instead, they are deployed with their custom weapon loadout. Players can loot or buy gear like armor, armor plates, backpacks, UAVs, and other support items.

However, there is a catch in bringing in your weapons. If you die in a deployment your weapon will be dropped in the game and contraband will be lost. On the other hand, you can also extract enemy weapons and looted weapons from the map. 

Insured Slot

The weapon system also allows a secured slot for weapons. This insured slot will return your dropped weapon after a certain time limit. Players can also reduce this time penalty by playing games, successful extraction, and by putting cash in dead drops. The weapon placed in the insured slot is customizable with a gunsmith option. Initially, players will have one insured slot and by doing faction missions. Slots are marked with the mission you need to complete to unlock.

Contraband Weapons

You can loot weapons from AI bots, Players and Loot boxes to unlock special weapons. These looted weapons once extracted will be added to the contraband stash from where you can equip them for use. Unlike insured slot weapons, contraband weapons will be lost if they are dropped. They come with pre-equipped attachments and are non-customizable weapons.

Weapon Customization

Insured weapons can be customized to create the perfect weapon of your choice. All weapons will have basic attachments available. To unlock more attachments players will need to complete certain tasks like playing with a selected gun, headshots, kill count and etc. Every weapon can hold up to 5 customizations.

Other Equipment

Players can have other equipment like armor vast, backpack, stronghold keycards, armor plates, keys, and more. All of these items can be found on the map. Players can do side missions to earn cash and buy these items from the shop present on the map.

Basic Objectives

Once you are deployed on the map you can see basic objects on your map. These basic objects are to earn cash and use buy stations to get support items. The primary task in DMZ is to upgrade your guns and get good equipment to survive longer than others.

Some basic objectives give you cash rewards or rare items that can be sold on the buy station for cash. These objectives are:

  • Sam rush
  • Vault drill
  • Secured intel
  • Destroy supplies
  • Deliver cargo
  • Kill the target with a bounty

Special Objectives

There are many special objects in DMZ and the most commonly found one is the strongholds

Strongholds are the best places to loot to get better weapons, gear, XP, and cash. These buildings are marked with a castle icon on the map and will require a stronghold key card. That can be found by killing AI bots near strongholds.

Some other high-level special objectives are:

  • Weapon case: with tough AI and high player competition to get it done
  • Chemist: Inside radiation zone, easy to kill but hard to find
  • Tactical Nuke: A new aspect that is more challenging and bringing in a new spice in CoD 2.0

Faction Missions

Faction mission makes DMZ a campaign-style battle royal where you can select up to 3 missions from 4 different factions: REDACTED, WHITE LOTUS, LEGION, BLACK MOUS, and CROWN.

Completing the faction mission will earn you rewards and XP. These rewards will include weapon blueprints and contraband weapons. The XP you will be getting will level up your account and also your battle pass levels.

Faction missions are divided into tiers, the higher the tier the more fun and difficult they will be. It is advised to play DMZ in squads as some missions are too hard to pull off in singles.


DMZ is also loaded with many looting mechanisms and looting is far easier than in battle royals. You can collect items and sell them in shops to earn cash. Looting and extracting a rare weapon in DMZ will unlock its blueprint for you.


Keys are also another aspect of DMZ as these keys are part of high looting areas. There are many locked spaces on the map containing high-level treasures inside. Collect the keys and extract them because you might need a key to a certain location to do your faction mission.

Buy station

Buy stations are good for buying and selling valuable stuff to earn cash. Players can collect common items to rare items on the map and sell them to buy exclusive items to buy stations to upgrade their gear.

Buy stations provide gear, contraband weapons, and support items.  Buy stations are marked with a grocery cart on the map.


DMZ is the most exciting and popular mode of Call of Duty 2.0. Its battle royale style combined with campaign-style missions and gameplay makes it more desirable for both battle royal and campaign players.

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