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CoD: There is a New Weapon Case In Season 3 DMZ


The enemy squad is capturing the weapons case, if you have heard this line in DMZ and wanted to capture the weapon case yourself then it’s your time to shine. The weapon case is a special mission in DMZ, capturing and extracting the weapon case will give you exclusive weapon case seasonal rewards.

Every season weapons case is loaded with new rewards and some minor changes. However, the season 3 update is a significant overhaul for the weapons case. Weapons cases can now spawn on the train in al Mazarah. This post will cover everything you should know about capturing the weapons case.

How to get the Weapon Case in Season 3 Al Mazrah DMZ

Earlier the weapons case was in the custody of Juggernaut the boss-level AI bot and the only way to get the weapons case was to kill Juggernaut. However, this has changed in season 3, and now the weapons case spawns on the train.

Some people might be thinking which train? Because there are two trains in Al Mazrah. Weapons case spawns on the last coach of the Cargo train that moves in a clockwise direction. You can also find the weapons case golden icon on the map and track its location. 

To get the weapons case you have to board the train and find the safe located at the last coach of the train. This safe contains the weapons case and other valuable items inside.

Drill the Safe

The only way to get the items inside the safe is to drill the safe and the drilling will require a significant amount of time. Once you have interacted with the safe and started the drilling process you have to stay near the safe.

 As drilling starts, a system notice will be issued to all players on the map that the weapons case is drilling and the system will continuously attack and drop AI bots from the helicopters. These bots will be heavily armored and hard to kill.
You and your party must defend yourself during the drilling process because bots are not the only attackers you will face as players will also attack you to get their hands on the weapons case. 

The only problem is that the last two carriages of the train are open and have no cover and one of you has to stay near the safe to keep the safe drilling. Once you have defended yourself and the safe successfully, collect the weapons case and other valuable items from the safe. Next, you have to extract the weapons case.

Note: The player carrying the weapons case will be marked on the map and other players can see the weapons cases moving on their maps.

Extract the Weapons Case

To get the Exclusive operator skins, weapon blueprints, and other items, you must extract the weapons case from the map. Once you have secured the weapons case, start moving towards an extraction zone as more and more AI bots will be attracted toward you if you will stay.

The best way is to get a helicopter or an armored vehicle for your movement from the train to the extraction point. 

  • Call the extraction
  • Defend yourself until it arrives
  • Stay alive and extract the weapons case from the map

Now you know where to find the weapons case and how to get the job done. Best of luck in your adventure.

Note: Do this special mission in full party with maximum gear and your custom weapons. 

Wrap up

 Weapons case is one of the special missions available on every deployment. Each season weapon cases are loaded with operator skins, weapon blueprints, and other season’s exclusive items. Extracting the weapons case is one of the top tasks a play can achieve in DMZ.

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