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6 Benefits Of Power Walking

6 Benefits Of Power Walking
6 Benefits Of Power Walking (Pixabay)

Walking is the most basic of aerobic exercise, and it is suitable for the elderly, pregnant women, and people in recovery after illness because it does not put any strain on the body. In addition, walking with a relaxed mind while basking in the sun and admiring the surrounding scenery has the effect of relieving stress and relieving tense nerves, so it can be said to be an aerobic exercise that plays a very important role in mental health. Power walking is a type of walking, and it is an exercise made by compensating for the shortcomings of general walking, which lacks physical strength or strength due to weak exercise intensity. In addition, jogging, which has a lot of health-promoting effects because it has a higher intensity of exercise than walking, can put strain on the ankles, knees, and waist. So, let’s take a look at some of the main health benefits of power walking. Various effects of power walking

If you do power walking, you can effectively burn calories and help control fat burning and accumulation in the body. Also, when you walk with your elbow bent at 90 degrees while doing power walking, you will use your arm muscles as well. By performing these movements, you stimulate the muscles in the arms that are not normally used, and it helps a lot in removing fat from the forearms and strengthening the muscles. In particular, when the shoulder is stiff and stiff, walking with a large arm is known to be effective in preventing shoulder diseases such as frozen shoulder, which is caused by stiffening around the joint.

Power walking is an exercise that uses the whole body, and it has a good effect on strengthening the abdominal muscles because it gives strength to the lower abdomen. It also has the advantage of increasing the flexibility of the lower back. By strengthening the abdominal muscles and increasing the flexibility of the lower back, it not only strengthens the lower back muscles but also reduces the burden on the spine. And with this muscle strengthening effect, it has a good effect in reducing back pain, and it has the advantage of being able to grow the buttocks and thigh muscles.

In addition, it is said that power walking can help prevent various bone-related diseases by strengthening bones and increasing bone density. In addition, it is said that it helps to improve the immune function that protects the body from various viruses, bacteria, and fungi by activating the metabolism, and is effective in relieving fatigue. In addition, it is reported that it can help prevent cardiovascular diseases by improving heart and lung function. How to increase the effectiveness of power walking workouts

Maintaining correct posture is very important for good exercise effect of power walking. It is recommended to walk at a high speed while keeping your back straight and your elbows bent at about 90 degrees. In particular, the legs and arms should be straight, not bent, if possible, and should be in contact with each other to increase the exercise effect and to strengthen the buttocks and thigh muscles. In addition, the walking speed should be maintained at a speed of 6-8 km/h, which is twice as fast as the normal walking speed. In addition, it is said that when you lift your knees and thighs high with the force on your stomach, you can increase the exercise effect while delivering great stimulation to your back muscles.

Power walking uses a lot more muscles and joints than regular walking, so it is good to stretch before exercise. It is important to stretch the muscles of the neck, arms, back, and legs, and to fully relax the stiff muscles by rotating the joints. It is also recommended to wear cushioned sneakers to reduce the impact on the spine and knees. Exercising in a sports arena is also a good idea to reduce your risk of injury.

Although power walking has the advantage of reducing back pain by strengthening the back muscles, it is recommended to maintain a correct posture and not overdo it as it can worsen back pain if done in the wrong posture or if it is overworked compared to one’s current strength. That’s good. It may be a good idea to gradually increase the intensity of exercise by setting the amount and intensity of exercise after consulting with an expert. In addition, since power walking consumes much more energy than normal walking and stimulates the knee, it is recommended for arthritis patients to be careful.

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