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4 Benefits Of Taking Cold Shower

4 Benefits Of Taking Cold Shower
4 Benefits Of Taking Cold Shower (Pixabay)
4 Benefits Of Taking Cold Shower
4 Benefits Of Taking Cold Shower (Pixabay)

Taking a shower after exercise or after a hard day’s work not only washes away sweat, but also helps a lot in recovering a tired body. In particular, taking a shower in warm water activates the parasympathetic nervous system to relieve tension and is said to be effective in relieving stress. In addition, the effect of preventing various respiratory diseases and the efficient discharge of wastes and toxins from the body are also health benefits that can be obtained from the habit of showering with warm water. It is said that taking a cold shower as well as a warm shower can have a variety of health benefits. So today, let’s take a look at the various effects you get from a cold shower. Various effects of cold shower

1. Strengthen immunity

The first effect you can get when showering with cold water is to strengthen the immune system, which is the internal shield of the body. When showering with cold water, it not only helps the production of white blood cells, cells of the immune system that protect the body from foreign substances, but also helps to raise the immune system by improving the metabolic rate by promoting blood circulation. In addition, it strengthens the lymphatic system, the circulatory system in which immune cells move, leading the active action of immune cells, and is said to have a good effect in enhancing immunity that protects the entire body. According to a study conducted in the Netherlands, in a study of 3018 people aged 18 to 65 years who did not have two or more chronic diseases, the group who took a cold shower had a 29% lower chance of developing a disease than the control group. This has also been confirmed.

2. Weight Control

Fat is a component of the cell membrane that surrounds cells, the basic unit of our body, and is broadly classified into white fat and brown fat. White fat acts as a storehouse to store the rest of the calories consumed except for what the body needs. On the other hand, brown fat reduces white fat and raises body temperature. Therefore, even if you consume the same amount of calories, it can be said that if a lot of brown fat is distributed in the body, it can help in weight control. Cold showers can help reduce white fat by helping the production of brown fat, so you can lose weight. In addition, when taking a cold shower, heat is dissipated to raise the body temperature that has been lowered.

3. Mental Health

When the autonomic nervous system, a part of the peripheral nervous system, malfunctions, anxiety, depression, and chronic stress can occur. It is said that taking a cold shower increases the electrical stimulation from the peripheral nerves to the brain and enhances the function of the autonomic nervous system. With this enhanced effect, the body secretes hormones such as norepinephrine and cortisol, which has a good antidepressant effect and helps reduce stress.

4. Skin Health

A warm shower is known to open the pores of the skin, helping to release toxins and waste products from the inside. However, the habit of showering in warm water for too long can cause skin dryness by washing away excess oil from the skin, and especially in winter or changing seasons, the dryness can worsen. A moderate amount of cold shower that is not too long can help improve skin elasticity by reducing pore shrinkage and moisture loss in the skin. In addition, it plays a role in making the hair a little more shiny and elastic by the preserving effect of oil.

Precautions when showering with cold water

While cold showers have many health benefits, they instantly constrict blood vessels in your body. It is recommended to shorten the blood vessel constriction, such as 3-5 minutes rather than too long, as it also affects the normal blood flow rate. Also, to reduce the irritation of cold water, it can be said that it is a good way to wash the whole body gradually, spraying cold water from the feet. In addition, if you wash with cold water too suddenly, it can put a strain on the body due to the vasoconstriction effect, especially in the elderly, heart-related diseases, or high blood pressure. is not recommended.

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