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5 Amazing Benefits Of Eating Curry


Curry is made with turmeric, pepper, cinnamon and ginger. It is a generic term for a dish made with masala, an Indian mixed spice made by mixing various ingredients such as cloves and garlic. It is said that the name curry was coined from the word kari, which is a stew made with various kinds of spices. Curry is also well-known for its various actions to keep our body healthy by the complex action of various ingredients including pepper, cinnamon, and ginger, as well as curcumin from turmeric, the main ingredient. So, today, let’s take a look at the main effects of curry, which is widely used not only as an ingredient in curry and rice, but also as an additive to various dishes, and notes on consumption.

Curry main benefits

1. Antioxidant action

The reason curry has a yellow color can be said to be due to curcumin, a major component of turmeric and a natural pigment. This curcumin component is known to have a strong antioxidant power, and it causes continuous damage to lipids and at the same time causes damage to DNA and enzymes in cells, thereby removing free radicals, the main culprit of disturbance of the immune system. In addition, as these free radicals are well known as a risk factor for accelerating aging as well as lowering immune function, they are said to have a beneficial effect on delaying aging based on the powerful antioxidant power of curcumin.

2. Anticancer effect

Curcumin contained in curry is known to help prevent cancer by inducing the death of cancer cells as well as inhibiting the generation of cancer cells generated by cell mutation.

In addition, it inhibits angiogenesis, which is the start of cancer cell growth, as well as helps to block the activity of specific proteins that can cause cancer. It is also reported to help prevent the occurrence of various cancers such as liver and ovarian cancer.

3. Inhibition of inflammation

Curcumin, the main ingredient in curry, is said to be effective in suppressing excessive inflammation levels that are the cause of various chronic diseases. It is also said to have a beneficial effect on the analgesic effect, which relieves pain that may accompany the symptoms of various chronic diseases. It is reported that the anti-inflammatory effect of curry is comparable to that of general anti-inflammatory painkillers such as naproxen and ibuprofen.

4. Dementia prevention

Curry is said to have the effect of breaking down beta-amyloid, a toxic protein plaque that destroys and paralyzes brain cells, and prevents them from accumulating in the brain. It has been known that this effect can help prevent Alzheimer’s dementia, which is caused by abnormal accumulation of amyloid protein in the brain. It is estimated that the reason India has a relatively low incidence of dementia compared to other countries has a lot to do with the eating habits of eating curry. In addition, the excellent anti-inflammatory action of curry is also a part that helps to suppress the occurrence of dementia.

5. Vascular health

Curry is known to help reduce the level of LDL cholesterol, which is harmful to blood vessels, as well as inhibiting the formation of blood clots that cause blood flow. In addition, it generates oxidative stress and causes inflammation and vasoconstriction, and it is excellent at removing free radicals, which act as risk factors for lowering blood flow. .

Other effects and notes

Curcumin, the main ingredient in curry, helps to regulate the secretion of gastric acid, and it is said that it can help prevent the occurrence of stomach-related diseases such as gastritis and gastric ulcer, which are easy to occur due to excessive gastric acid. In addition, various ingredients contained in the main ingredients of curry are also involved in helping to control blood sugar, so it is said to help prevent diabetes. Also, turmeric, the main ingredient in curry, has a warm property and is said to be beneficial in relieving symptoms such as menstrual pain and irregular menstruation. In addition, curry is said to help relieve stress by helping the secretion of serotonin, a neurotransmitter called happiness hormone. It is said to help a lot with diet.

As such, curry has the effect of helping to lose weight with the advantage of helping burn fat and having fewer calories, but if you cook it with meat with a high fat content, such as pork, the overall calories will rise. Therefore, if you eat it for a diet, you can add a lot of vegetables, fruits, or beans instead of meat, and even if you add meat, you can have a good effect on your diet if you cook it with a part such as chicken breast with a low fat content. In addition, when consumed in the form of curry and rice, it is said that eating it in the form of multigrain rice containing several grains, such as brown rice, which is low in calories and high in satiety, is said to have a better effect than white rice.

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