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4 Technologies And Tools To Transform Inbound Marketing


4 Technologies And Tools To Transform Inbound Marketing
4 Technologies And Tools To Transform Inbound Marketing
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With a large number of companies competing to grab consumers’ attention and the clicks of
interested customers, inbound marketing can be incredibly difficult to excel at. But help is at
hand. In 2020, a number of new technologies and tools are changing the way that inbound
marketing campaigns work. This guide discusses the most important of these and how they
could transform your inbound marketing campaigns beyond recognition.

The Mobile Revolution

When was the last time that you used a laptop or computer to conduct a search for your next
purchase? Mobile phones are portable, easy-to-use, and the whole world is addicted to
them, meaning that now more than ever, it is vitally important that you are able to focus on
your inbound marketing techniques for mobile users. When you are creating content for your
inbound marketing campaigns, it is vital that it is mobile-friendly as a huge number of Google
and Bing searches now take place on mobile devices. To navigate the latest tech trends and
use content to grow your leads, follow these inbound marketing guidelines.

Improved Content Marketing Software

However, tech is not only something that companies use as a platform for their content.
Instead, it can also be used to the advantage of inbound marketers. Now, there is a large
assortment of tech software that can be used by marketing professionals to make sure that
their inbound campaigns run as smoothly as possible. This includes solutions such as
scheduling software, which enables managers to plan their posts ahead of time and keep up
a regular schedule of content. Additionally, you should also consider using website builders
and content management systems that can ensure you write and upload relevant content,
and track the resulting engagement.

Content marketing software that may also be advantageous to you also includes analytical
websites, which monitors the success of certain topics to help you to find subjects that
appeal to your target audiences. You may also want to look into broader software
applications, such as CRM software and project management applications, which can both
help you to manage your campaigns in one place and conveniently track their success.

Big Data

The way that we use and access data is constantly changing, with the evolution of tech such
as big data ensuring that information and analysis about your marketing campaigns are now
constantly at hand. Although you might not think that this would have an impact on your
inbound marketing, the ability to use big data and databases to highlight your campaigns’
weaknesses and strengths means that you can more easily adapt your strategies to meet
the interests of your audience.


The biggest inbound marketing format is currently the blog post, and this method is
incredibly advantageous for those that want to grab the attention of Internet users. However,
the world is now rapidly moving toward a multi-media approach — it is becoming
increasingly important to blend an assortment of different types of inbound marketing content
in order to grab and hold the attention of users. For instance, with the rise of Instagram and
other social media video platforms, it has now become more important than ever to consider
adapting your inbound marketing to accommodate this latest trend.

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