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3 benefits of arrowroot tea benefits and its side effects


Arrowroot belongs to the Rosaceae legume family and grows well in moderate moisture and deep underground. It is known to have various beneficial effects on the body due to its high content of vegetable protein, various minerals, and dietary fiber. In particular, it is known to have an excellent effect on health management of women during menopause due to its abundant content of phytoestrogens. Arrowroot, which has these various effects, is mainly consumed in the form of juice, and because it contains a lot of starch, it is also made into noodles or rice cakes to eat. Arrowroot tea is a type of tea made from arrowroot, and refers to tea made by decoction or roasting dried arrowroot roots to make a powder, then add it to hot water and drink. Because the root of arrowroot is called galgeun, it is also called galgeuncha. Because kudzu tea contains all the core ingredients of kudzu, it is known to have various beneficial effects on the body, such as menopausal health management, weight control, blood vessel health, and detoxification. So today, let’s take a closer look at some of the effects of arrowroot tea. Main effects of arrowroot tea

1. Improve menopausal symptoms

Menopause, also called menopause, refers to the period at which menstruation ceases as a sign of loss of reproductive function in women. Ovarian function declines and menstruation quantity or cycle becomes irregular, causing various abnormal symptoms such as hot flashes, headache, dizziness, tinnitus, and sleep disturbance. Arrowroot contains a large amount of daidzein, a type of isoflavone. This ingredient is known as an excellent phytoestrogen ingredient, and contains 626 times more than pomegranate and 30 times more than soy. It is said that this high content of daidzein has a good effect in preventing various physical abnormalities caused by the lack of female hormones during menopause by acting similar to female hormones during the process of absorption into the body. In addition, daidzein helps to prevent calcium loss as much as possible, so it is said to have a good effect in preventing osteoporosis, which has a high incidence of menopause.

2. Vascular health

The daidzein, which is rich in arrowroot, introduced earlier, is known to be excellent not only in improving menopausal symptoms, but also in improving blood vessel health. It is excellent for helping to improve blood flow by dilating narrowed blood vessels, and it is said to help improve cholesterol levels and normalize blood pressure levels. In addition, flavonoids, which are abundant in kudzu, are also excellent for regulating blood pressure and improving blood flow in the coronary arteries. With these related actions, it is said to have an excellent effect in helping to prevent various vascular-related adult diseases such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

3. Improve liver function

The third effect obtained from the consumption of arrowroot tea is the improvement of liver function. The catechins and daigins, which are abundant in arrowroot, are known to be excellent in preventing the formation of peroxidized lipids in the liver and helping to activate hepatocytes. In addition, arrowroot tea is known to be effective in helping to relieve hangovers due to its excellent alcohol decomposition effect. Puerarin and catechin, which are abundantly contained in arrowroot, promote the decomposition of acetaldehyde, which causes hangovers, and facilitate blood circulation to help break up alcohol quickly. Even in Donguibogam, a medical textbook, it is recorded that the consumption of arrowroot tea is excellent for improving liver function and quickly relieving hangover by relieving poisoning.

other effects

In addition to the various effects introduced above, the consumption of arrowroot tea can be expected to have various health effects, such as controlling blood sugar, preventing colds, relieving thirst, recovering from fatigue, excreting heavy metals from the body, controlling weight, and improving constipation.

Arrowroot tea side effects and how to make it

Although kudzu tea has various health benefits, it is said that because kudzu itself has a cold nature, it is recommended that people with poor digestion due to a cold constitution or weak stomach should be careful when ingesting it. In addition, the effect of improving the liver function obtained from the intake of arrowroot tea mentioned above is the effect obtained through proper intake, and it is a good method to be careful as there are reports that it rather causes liver damage when consumed for a long period of time. To make arrowroot tea, first prepare 15-20g of chopped arrowroot and 600ml of water. Then, put arrowroot in water, boil it slowly over low heat, cool it, and store it in the refrigerator. Please note that it is also a good way to drink arrowroot tea with a little honey to alleviate the bitter taste.

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