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3 Benefits Of Jumping Rope Exercise

3 Benefits Of Jumping Rope Exercise
3 Benefits Of Jumping Rope Exercise (Pixabay)
3 Benefits Of Jumping Rope Exercise
3 Benefits Of Jumping Rope Exercise (Pixabay)

Aerobic exercise, which is divided into various types such as walking, running, and cycling, has the effect of improving flexibility, muscle strength, and cardiorespiratory endurance, so it can be said to be essential for health management. Jumping rope is a type of aerobic exercise, and refers to jumping by spinning a rope. Originally, it originated as a game of jumping over obstacles using a simple tool called a rope, but recently, it has been used as a daily physical exercise for the purpose of health management and physical strength improvement. In addition, jumping rope can be performed anytime, anywhere, regardless of place and time, and has the advantage of not costing much. In addition, as with other aerobic exercise, it is said that if you do it consistently, it will strengthen the whole body evenly, strengthen the lungs and heart, and provide various health benefits for the body, such as weight control. Now, let’s take a closer look at the various effects of skipping rope exercise.

Jumping Rope Benefits

1. Development of bodily functions

Because skipping rope has the characteristics of an up-and-down movement that mainly jumps to the front of the sole, it strengthens the ankle muscles and at the same time gives high-intensity stimulation to the calves, knees, and lower back, thereby strengthening the functions of major parts of the body. . In addition, skipping rope has the characteristic of a coordinated movement that requires the hands and feet to be in proper timing, so it is known that it helps a lot in improving athletic performance such as agility, flexibility, endurance, and agility, and strengthening body functions when continuously maintained. Athletes usually do a lot of basic exercise, and it can be said that jumping rope a lot as a warm-up exercise to warm up the body before a game or game is closely related to the effect of jumping rope on improving physical function.

2. Growth development

Because jumping rope is a series of small jumps, it stimulates the growth plate and helps to secrete growth hormone, so it has a good effect on promoting growth and development of children and adolescents in the growth stage. In addition, regular jumping rope exercise is known to have a beneficial effect on preventing osteoporosis, which tends to occur due to weakening of bone density, as it stimulates osteoblast cells in the bones.

3. Weight Control

Maintaining an appropriate weight and dieting effects are also said to be health benefits that can be obtained from regular jumping rope exercise. Jumping rope is an exercise that uses the muscles of the whole body and is known to burn a lot of calories. It has been reported that about 10 kcal can be consumed per minute, and about 100 to 200 Kcal can be consumed if 1000 pieces are made for 10 to 20 minutes. It is also said to help prevent obesity and metabolic syndrome caused by the accumulation of visceral fat due to its excellent calorie-consuming action.

◎ Other effects

In addition to the various effects introduced above, the steady continuation of the jumping rope exercise strengthens the heart and lungs and has a good effect on developing cardiorespiratory endurance. In addition, the effect of reducing muscle loss, increasing muscle mass, and relieving stress properly are also the effects of steady jumping rope exercise. Precautions for jumping rope exercise

While jumping rope has many health benefits, it is said that overdoing it can put strain on your ankles, knees, and back. In addition, the stimulation of the growth plate has the effect of helping growth and development, but it is said that the joint condition is weak during the growth period, so if you force it, it can cause damage to the joint. In addition, the excellent effect in helping weight control is that excessive jumping rope exercise can cause joint damage if you are already overweight or obese. do. It is recommended that people with other spine-related diseases or back and knee-related diseases put strain on the joints and cause worsening of symptoms.

Maintaining good posture is very important when jumping rope. It is recommended to keep your body in a straight line and look straight ahead with your face and chin slightly forward. Also, when jumping, if you bend too much backwards or run with both feet forward, the entire sole of the foot touches the ground, causing an impact to the joints. Therefore, it is recommended to release the strength of the body as much as possible and to jump lightly vertically with both feet together. In addition, it is said that lifting the heel slightly and bending the knee slightly when landing can increase the exercise effect and reduce the burden on the joints. In addition, it is recommended to choose shoes that are not hard and cushioned, and on asphalt or concrete, it is a good idea to do it on a soiled floor or a parquet, as it can give an excessive impact to the joints and ankles.

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