Home Business 25 Super Interesting Facts About Steve Jobs That You Didn’t Know About

25 Super Interesting Facts About Steve Jobs That You Didn’t Know About

25 Super Interesting Facts About Steve Jobs That You Didn't Know About
25 Super Interesting Facts About Steve Jobs That You Didn't Know About (Pixabay)
25 Super Interesting Facts About Steve Jobs That You Didn't Know About
25 Super Interesting Facts About Steve Jobs That You Didn’t Know About (Pixabay)

Do you like Steve Jobs? Check out his interesting life and facts below!

1) Steve Jobs is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also an icon of innovation in the 21st century, and a person who laid the foundation for the ubiquitous era.

2) Although he was the founder of Apple, one of the world’s leading electronic devices and software companies, Jobs is regarded as an icon in the digital age for not simply creating new products with improved performance, but for devising creative products that advance people’s lives with new attempts

3) Steve Jobs pioneered the desktop market with the Apple II computer, and he ushered in the PC craze with the Macintosh, ushering in the era of personal computers that spread computers to most homes.

4) Steve Jobs not only developed these creative products, but also directly spearheaded Apple’s advertising strategies and presentations, making new product presentations a great success with a unique marketing strategy and PT technology that had never been seen before.

5) Steve Jobs is famous for his presentation skills. It has become a model for many presenters by using a very concise and effective presentation method to introduce new products to the market.

Steve Jobs’ business philosophy is:

* Management is completely different from the existing order.
* Select an area you are good at and run directly with your body.
* Always be on the lookout for something new and never give up.
* Rather than overconfidence in technology, meet the consumer’s eye level.
* Keep it simple and simple.

6) There is a famous case in which Steve Jobs developed a game board together while working for Atari, and gave Wozniak half of that, $350, by deceiving him that he only earned $700 even after receiving $5,000 as a bonus.

7) Even when Steve Jobs was diagnosed with cancer, he refused to use the patient mask because he did not like the design of it.

8) Steve Jobs also filed a Multi-Touch intellectual property dispute with HTC, which was at the forefront of the growth of Android phones.

9) Originally, he had an excellent eye for recognizing talented people, but because of his fiery personality, many people couldn’t stand it and left. During NeXT’s 1992-1993 year, 7 out of 9 vice presidents left.

10) Steve Jobs’ religion was Zen Buddhism, and after dropping out of the Philosophy Department at Reed University for only one semester, he began living in a hippie community on an apple farm, where he met Japanese Zen Buddhist monk Otogawa Kobun Chino and entered Zen Buddhism.

11) Steve Jobs is left-handed. However, his handwriting was written with his right hand. If you look closely at the photo of Steve Jobs holding his chin with his hand, which is a representative image of Steve Jobs, he is using his left hand

12) Steve Jobs was a big fan of Bob Dylan and admired him very much. When the digital package set containing all 773 songs recorded by Dylan was be sold on the iTunes Store, at the launch of the product, Jobs said, “Bob Dylan is the most respected poet and musician of our time. He is also my personal hero. do,” he introduced.

13) Steve Jobs was also a big fan of the Beatles. For example, his iPhone contained more than 10 different versions of the Beatles’ classic Strawberry Fields Forever.

14) iTunes is still the only music service in the world where you can enjoy all the Beatles songs. This is due to a dispute with Apple Records, a company with the same name as Apple. Around 2004, Apple acquired all the complicated copyrights based on Apple’s enormous financial power. It wasn’t until 2016 that the Beatles’ songs were serviced on other music sites.

15) Steve Jobs liked to listen to Michael Jackson’s song Billie Jean. It is rumored that he have listened to Billie Jean while he was at work when things were not going well or he was in a bad mood.

16) Steve Jobs was vegan and ate only nuts and water. Before marrying Lauren, he was a vegan, eating only fallen fruit, and by the time he married, he turned vegan.

17) Steve Jobs, of course, was also human, so when he was not in good health, he ate omnivores according to the doctor’s recommendations. Although he was a vegetarian, he says he loved eel sushi as much as he did on a trip to Japan with his family. Ashton Kutcher, who later played the role of Jobs in the movie , was escorted to the emergency room because of a pancreatic problem while eating only water and nuts for the method acting during the filming.

18) The story of John Sculley, the former CEO of Pepsi, being hired as Apple’s CEO is quite legendary, he said, convincing him, “Would you like to stop selling sugar water and change the world with me?” Later, Sculley fired Jobs. And Sculley made the Newton MessagePad, the direct ancestor of the later iPhone and iPad, in a sense what Jobs said has become a reality.

19) Initially, he had no intention of acquiring Pixar from George Lucas, but the acquisition of Pixar marked a major turning point in his life. He was revitalized by Pixar’s IPO, changing the way he treats his employees and growing as CEO of a company. After Pixar was acquired by Disney, Jobs became Disney’s largest shareholder. After his death, his estate was inherited by his wife, but Lauren Powell Jobs reportedly liquidated some of his shares and became Disney’s fifth-largest shareholder as of 2019.

20) Former Apple creative director Ken Segal recalled the time when Jobs returned to the company in 1997, when he publicly said, ‘The desktop war is over. We lost (to Microsoft),’ he said. That meant that the company should no longer focus on beating Microsoft, but on reinventing the ‘Apple’. And Jobs compared Apple to BMW. In the case of BMW, a small brand with only 5% of the total automobile market, but still considered one of the best brands in the world.

21) Jobs’ speech at Stanford University is still considered a masterpiece and has over 30 million views on YouTube.

22) Steve Jobs is famous for being the CEO of $1 a year. He got the stocks (Apple, and Disney) instead. Jobs sold half of his Apple and Disney stocks, earning about $500 million.

23) It is also a famous that Steve Jobs went without a license plate in the Mercedes-Benz car.

24) Jobs is also known to park his car in the handicapped area of Apple’s parking lot. According to Wozniak, Jobs’ Benz was robbed in an Apple parking lot. It is said that it happened because he parked the car in a place that can be seen clearly from the office window.

25) It is widely rumored that Steve Jobs, along with Bill Gates, severely restricted the use of smart devices by his children.

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