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5 Interesting Facts That You Should Know About Adobe


1) Adobe is an American software development company founded in 1982 by graduates of Xerox Park Labs.

2) Adobe was originally a company that promoted the original PostScript-based font rendering technology. Steve Jobs, who was looking for the advantages of Apple computers to compete with the IBM PC, became interested in Adobe to gain strength in graphics. Apple supported 15% of the initial capital, Apple licensed the technology, and Adobe developed the basic graphics software.

3) Adobe solves the problems that it failed to develop through mergers and acquisitions. For example, by acquiring Macromedia, a major competitor, in 2005, it has now secured a near-monopoly share in the digital tool market for graphic professionals such as photography, video, and printing.

4) Most of the famous graphic tools, especially those related to visual design, are from Adobe, from Photoshop, Flash, and Illustrator right away to Premiere Pro and After Effects, which are video compositing/editing programs, Dreamweaver, an HTML development support tool, and now international Adobe PDF, which is the standard, and Acrobat, which is used to edit it, are both produced and sold by Adobe.

5) Most people in the computer industry are naturally slaves to Adobe. Even though it looks so huge, it is a company that sells only software, and sells only products, but does not distribute it like the App Store. That’s a whopping $125 billion. A little less than half of Samsung Electronics.

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