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10 ways to make your work much more fun

10 ways to make your work much more fun
10 ways to make your work much more fun (Pixabay)

1. Prioritize the things that matter most to you.

What is the most precious thing to me? It can also be translated as ‘dream’. What I want to do, what I want to achieve, what I want to have, etc. are things that belong to my dreams. Then, if you think that what you are doing now to achieve these dreams is a natural process, you can’t help but enjoy working.

Always remember your dreams, visualize them and keep them close by and enjoy them. The importance of the things to be done now for these precious dreams is decided.

If the tasks to be done are listed in the order of importance, the goal is to overcome them one by one. Employees with goals are passionate and dedicated to their work. They work tirelessly and wait a long time for the results of their efforts to come. Imagine yourself 1 year or 5 years from now.

The more specific and clear the reason, the stronger the energy. In any case, it is very difficult to keep the initial enthusiasm intact. You will know from experience that even if you start something you love to do, there will always be times when it will wither over time. At this time, in order to return to the initial passion, one has to reflect on one’s dream again and cultivate a desperate heart.

It’s time to reflect on the mindset and passion you had when you first made a plan. However, there is a better way to keep small goals and short-term goals so that you do not lose your enthusiasm between the big and big goals.

Even if you have set a one-year goal, you set up a quarterly, monthly, and weekly plan again, and erase your goals one by one. This will serve as a constant source of encouragement as a device of motivation and encouragement, unlike the stifling daily schedule for vacation life that is not properly followed.

2. Dare to break up with needlessly draining my energy.

I am full of good energy and passion, but there is definitely something like a puddle of water that has been stagnant for a long time and gives off a bad smell. If you don’t take care of it, you have to throw away everything that is likely to rot and give off a bad smell. Drinking less alcohol and quitting smoking, which men like to make resolutions to on New Year’s Day, are aegyo. You have to hit a slightly sharper mass, cut it, and throw it away.

There is no need to separate collection. It’s not even worth the garbage bag. 100% environmentally friendly throw away. If you are afraid to give up, you will get nothing. The more I disliked myself from the old days, the more I tried to change, but the more I failed, the more it was worth throwing away and the fun of throwing it away. Things that can be thrown away quickly aren’t even considered to be thrown away. Let’s get rid of things that we think are hard to throw away.

What I think is important and precious is my obsession if I keep worrying about it without getting any better. If you often feel tired from this long obsession, then this is definitely something to throw away.

It is said that the wider the relationship, the better, and if you are struggling with complicated relationships with unnecessarily many people, clear pruning is necessary in this relationship as well.

It might be better to focus your energy on people who really care and need you. Even if I am not sincere, if I am a person who cannot manage humanly, I need courage to boldly remove it from my address book. A person who is ready to throw away at any time is always filled with new water. Gaining by giving up may seem like a ritual of a meditator, but it is an invaluable virtue for us living in the modern age, where we enjoy abundant and abundant abundance.

3. Strive for basic property management.

My basic assets are my body and my skills. I don’t have any money saved up yet, I don’t have a house, I don’t have a villa. First of all, my body is my greatest asset. Knowing the limits of my body and managing it in a healthy way is the number one priority in self-care.

Exercise and rest exert the greatest effect on health, but the most important thing is to change the basic lifestyle. When you are sick, hospital treatment is helpful, but treatment itself does not make the body healthy. In fact, health comes and goes, depending on how you cook the life that comes each day.

There are few successful women who don’t have a sport that they enjoy, one at a time. They say they upgraded their quality of life to the next level by including one exercise at a time in their important self-management program.

Exercise changes the whole attitude toward life and increases confidence and activeness in work. Whether you are starting to lose weight or to maintain your health, your attitude towards people and work will automatically change once you get used to exercising to a certain extent and enjoy it more and more.

Anything I am good at, something I am capable of doing is also a basic asset.

You can’t do anything right from the start, but the skill that brings a certain ‘good feeling’ is of great value as a seed. If bones and flesh are attached to this basic property and careers and know-how are accumulated, a large tree or luscious fruit can be hung.

4. Dare to change when you desperately want it from within.

Everyone has things they want and dreams of. And for those who work hard to make their dreams come true, concrete actions or plans are bound to follow. Would it be better to hold the things I hope and dream of as it is, preciously only within me?

I don’t know if that method would be happy if it was the sujeonno style of burying the growing money in the ground and counting it every day to see if it’s well. However, if you are not satisfied with that level of daily life, you have to be a little more active. If there is anything I want, I would actively promote it around me and repeat my plans for the future.

Even if those who hear my story may initially react aloof or uninterested, you never know when or how they will come back as your savior. The more you inform, the more likely you are to get what you want. A positive mindset moves me. Negative thinking makes me cringe and takes me on a twisted road.

The clearer and more optimistic my plans and visions are, the more bold and daring I can move. Even in the seemingly impossible task, the courage to say, ‘I have to overcome this level’ comes naturally. Even if my vision is not specific and it is still under maintenance.

Because expressing my confidence makes the plan a little more concrete and a little more feasible. It seems easy to change yourself slowly, but it can be easy to change as boldly as when you make a decision.

5. Frequently or occasionally, deliberately create large and small events that fit you.

The way to praise a child is effective if it is a visible gift that can feel the heart. When I was in elementary school, if I kept a diary at school or did my homework well, my teacher would occasionally give me star-shaped colored paper. There was a separate piece of paper to collect this star when I went home. How proud and enjoyable it was to receive the gift of praise from the teacher one by one.

If you can remember it, you now need to give yourself a gift more often.

I encourage myself with gifts and congratulations commensurate with the size of my daily, weekly, and monthly goals. A small gift like this can be something you’ve been restraining yourself from doing to achieve your goal or doing things you love to your heart’s content. When you feel like a child, you will feel like you want to do better, and even if you set a higher goal, you will be able to achieve it.

Gifts are more needed by adults than by children. For adults who have more to give to others and less to receive, gifts are a strong anesthetic that enhances the achievement of their work. The attitude of loving yourself and celebrating your big and small achievements is a good event for nurturing yourself.

6. Learn to manage energy sources that give strength to my life, such as acquaintances and hobbies.

Caring for the little things, warm and small, is a great benefit. People who have been watching me for a long time, the small hobbies that I have loved for a long time, like the invisible air, I often forget their preciousness.

However, these acquaintances and hobbies add vitality and luster to my life. Rather, the more trivial, the smaller, the more private, the more it moves people’s hearts and gives them comfort. you have to catch this For your acquaintances, choose words that convey encouragement, praise, gratitude, and humility.

In particular, a ‘thank you card’ to express gratitude for something is essential. No matter how busy you are, make time to do something for others. These things are bound to come as waves of emotion.

There are a lot of small “reluctances” that I can do for myself. Hobbies that have nothing to do with work are perfect for relieving stress. If you are always busy moving outside, quietly leaving me in a state of weightlessness for a while is a different way to recharge and recharge. A person’s passion is like a battery that needs to be recharged.

It is the passion of a person that cannot always burn hot. In order to manage this passion well so that the heat does not cool down, I need to protect the things that are my energy sources.

7. Make at least one friend you can share deeply with.

You don’t even need a lot. It only takes one person. People tend to dislike having everything in them even though they belong to them. I desperately need someone who can take what’s inside me and understand me as if I was me and who would be by my side.

It is desirable to continue or develop relationships with even one person with deep respect and understanding. The reason why I often ask if I have at least one friend who can come to me right away without looking at my situation whenever I am in an emergency is like checking a relationship based on a deep sense of trust. The older the alcohol, the deeper the flavor and the stronger the taste.

You can guess what he’s thinking just by looking at his eyes. It is a sympathy that can convey emotions without words, and it is a beautiful virtue that can only be felt between old friends.

The saddest thing is the loneliness that there is no one who understands me, but having a friend like this can avoid the hurt that people who do not understand can suffer. People can be really powerful when they know they’re not alone.

No matter what you do, there is nothing more reliable than ‘my side’. Human relationships are like sharing what’s inside of you. It’s not that easy, but you don’t have to think too hard about networking. There is no need to create a new meeting. You don’t have to meet a lot of new people.

First, open your business card folder and send your greetings to the e-mail addresses of business cards that are meaningless. Even if there are two or three more, there is nothing wrong with being a friend who shares the depths of your heart.

8. Listen to your inner voice and be true to your feelings.

The human heart has a spear. You can look out or look in through the window. Depending on where you put your eyes and from which side you look, the scenery changes quite a bit.

However, although the scenery that many people around the world see is different, they all have one thing in common.

People only stand on the side looking out. Standing at the window on the side where you can see the world, I think I have a lot to say, but looking inside me from the other side is unfamiliar. There may be a certain desire or ability growing within me that I have not known for a while.

Let’s look inside ourselves. If you practice not only looking outward to the world, but often looking inside yourself, you will see a very unexpected me. I may have a more bold temperament than a woman’s delicacy. And there may be a sharper critical ability and analytical ability than the emotional part. Rafting for the first time one day, seemingly dangerous, may come as a thrilling pleasure. I live by giving up knowing myself before I know everything. Before I knew myself, I just cut and cut myself out of a group of people I had defined in advance.

I’ve always been like this, so don’t make up your mind that ‘I can’t get rid of this person no matter what’. It is important to always be open to the possibility that you can change yourself in either direction. Confidence comes from knowing yourself right away. If you only have an ambiguous view of yourself and your emotional positivity, your confidence will never soar.

Those who know what I like, what I want, what I want to do, and what I want to fill my life with, are very passionate about pursuing them. Don’t be afraid to do something you’ve never done before, try it. I may not have the courage to do it because I have never done it before, but the only way to discover a new way of myself is to try it. The more you know and be satisfied with yourself, the more confident you will become. The more you take care of your inner self, the more energy you can pour into social activities as well as those around you.

Now, let’s stop paying attention to the world and other people and turn our eyes to the landscape inside ourselves until we get to know ourselves properly. The cold, cool water of the deep well inside me

9. Do not neglect to express to loved ones.

There is a couple who sit face to face at the table every morning and praise each other one word at a time. My husband bought me tofu on the way home, and my wife made dongchimi cold and I am thankful for everything. The years we’ve known each other. What good things can you find and praise? The Cho Yang-hee couple, who became famous by collecting the love notes they put in their children’s lunch boxes and publishing the , started complimenting each other two years ago, and they say that they have never received the same compliment twice.

In order to receive a little more praise while complimenting, I also compiled the story of a married couple into a book. We may be clumsy or omitted in expressing praise or love to those we love strangely. It is partly because there is a corner where I believe in wanting to understand my heart, and partly because it is a new and embarrassing thing to express a certain kind of love between people who are close to me.

However, the closer you are, the more important it is to express your heart to the one you love. The people I love around me are the power and dream that keeps me alive. Love can be a little childish. It is a way of love that unfamiliar expressions come and go. If you and the person can become stronger and warmer through such specific expressions, you must have the courage and consideration to do it ten more times.

If you think about it, there are quite a lot of expressions that you can do, such as writing a letter, sending a very small and burdensome gift on a nameless day, sending a text message that you love, and suddenly meeting the person in front of the office in time for work.

When love is expressed, there is always a tremor, and the vessel grows bigger.

10. Learn how to enjoy what I love for a long time regardless of work.

Even if you are a highly successful person in society, that person does not always live by doing only things related to work. Of course, he was more passionate and confident about his work than ordinary people, so he could have invested a lot of time in his work and could not stop thinking about work while doing other work. Sometimes it can be efficient to lift your eyes and completely get out of a thought that has been stuck in one place the whole time.

It is not easy to find a case that is lively for a working person. Most seem to be reluctant to make a living at work as a means of economic relief. The momentum when entering the company for the first time does not last long. After a year and two years pass, each day is bound to be wet with inertia, and at this point, you pass the time with the feeling that you are just a gear that makes the company run.

So, office workers who do something for a hobby have a much more lively work life than those who do not. Some might ask if these hobbies can interfere with your work, but the result is not at all. Organizations in modern society do not like individuals who remain just members of the organization.

This is because they want more activeness and strength to actively develop themselves and respond to emergencies. A delightful and fun read or walk, passionate exercise, and very feminine embroidery are just a few of the many things you can enjoy regardless of work. If you look for more, there are many more. A variety of activities provides the basis for displaying one’s abilities.

Whether you’re 20 or 30, there’s always an opportunity waiting for someone who wants to do something. Therefore, efforts to diversify one’s abilities must be continued throughout one’s social life. It will be a way to live wisely in the world as a multiplayer.

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