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10 Tips To Manage Human Relationship and Network


1. Let’s be human first.

Before trying to make a good network, let’s look at your humanity first.

Let’s take a look and see if we’re not drenched in misunderstandings or stained by calculated encounters.

oily species. If you want to meet a good person, let me first become a good person.

2. Let’s not make enemies

Friends bring success, enemies bring crises and destroy success.

Organizations collapse because of 3% of opponents, and 10 friends cannot be beaten by a single enemy.

Do not criticize others needlessly, and always avoid bad ties so that there are no enemies.

3. Let’s find the master first.

There are leaders, collaborators, and followers in networking, and the first necessary connections are leaders and teachers.

Meeting a great teacher is like being more than 50% successful in life.

Since you have also studied analogy, let’s try to find a good teacher and try it.

4. Let’s meet like a life saver.

Treat everyone you meet like a lifesaver. Always be grateful and think about how to repay.

Because of that person, your fate has changed, and let’s treat it with the thought that it will change in the future.

If that moment ever arises, I will gladly save my life.

5. Leave a stronger impression than your first love.

In the first meeting, let’s leave a stronger image than first love.

Don’t be forgotten like a stone kicked by your feet.

6. Be the person you want to meet again when you break up.

Let’s be a pleasant person when we are together, and a useful person when we are together. Let’s become a person who has been lifted, a person who has become someone, someone who has become someone else, or a person who is funny.

7. Be patient 3 times a day, laugh 3 times, praise 3 times a day

If there are three people who can endure, even murder will be avoided. A smile is the most beautiful image-making, and praise makes even the killer whale dance.
Let’s laugh and praise with patience at least 10 times out of 3 times.

8. Let’s rejoice like my work, grieve like my work

When event happens, let’s be happy together and grieve together. If your job is like mine, then mine is like your job.

9. Give & Give & Forget

Let’s give first, give unconditionally, give more, and then forget it all.

Don’t Give & Take If you think that you will receive it, you will lose heart.

10. Let’s meet once a network as a permanent network

Let’s be close when we’re doing well, and don’t be far away when it’s difficult. If we met once through a network, let’s meet through a permanent network.
Let’s meet over 100 years from generation to generation.

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