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10 Technologies That Could Transform You Into A Superhero

Image courtesy of PublicDomainPictures.net
Image courtesy of PublicDomainPictures.net

If there’s one thing that the “Kick-Ass” series taught us, it would be the fact that anyone can become a Superhero. Although it might sound ambitious, you can become a Superhero and find a spot in the next “Avengers” series. All you have to do is to own some cutting-edge technology. For instance, Tony Stark is no mutant. He used his engineering prowess to devise the tech to be used in his Iron Man suit. Without his suit, he is pretty much a normal human being, except for his high IQ. What if I told you that you could become a Tony Stark, or in fact, better than him? To answer the “How?” part, here is the list of 10 technologies that could transform you into a Tony Stark of your imagination.

Brain implant

Remember “iBoy”, a Netflix original sci-fi film that revolves around the storyline of developing superpowers from a smartphone accident. Turns out, the movie did make an accurate prediction. In 2014, the U.S Military started working on a technology called “multifunction electro-optical-chemical neural sensor effectors”. Essentially, it is a technology that creates an interface between neural systems and computer chips. The applications of harnessing such interfaces are boundless. You can practically “upload” files into a subject’s brain. Just like how Keanu Reeves learns Kung Fu in a matter of seconds!

Cochlear implants

Daredevil may not be the only one hearing the “unhearable” if cochlear implants are to hit the markets. The research for cochlear implants began in 2014, and as of now, this computerized bionic implant is slowly taking shape. The way it works is by stimulating the hearing nerve using electrodes. Furthermore, a newer version of this technology promises for a direct stimulation at the brain’s stem, making the process even quicker. By effectively utilising this tech, you could hear things blocks away from you. That’s not all, some researchers in Scotland are working on an advanced microphone technology inspired by the ears of insects. If they can pull this off, your auditory perception would be enough for you to ride a bike on a busy street with your eyes shut!


In 2009, TV anchor Jem Stansfield demonstrated a device that could stick to walls and lift the entire weight of your body off the ground. Three years after the show aired, a group of engineers built a vacuum-assisted climber that resembled Stansfield’s demonstration. The engineers, on the other hand, got the inspiration from a British kid who developed this tech in 3 weeks. So it’s hard to say who invented this tech. Apparently, it was the engineers who received the seed fund from the U.S Air Force. Currently, they are trying to make the system quieter and lighter.


A portable Jetpack is already out in the market. In fact, this technology was first explored 60 years back, when scientists worked on nitrogen and hydrogen rocket belts. So as long as the artificial mutation remains a mystery, this Jetpack could lend us the wings required to fly at supersonic speeds. The downside of the existing tech is its price tag of $130,000 and a shorter flight length. If such shortcomings are to be addressed in future, we can soar the skies and race against Eagles and Kites!

Self-healing materials

A superhero suit requires a superior build. The one that could repair itself when damaged, during a duel. With the rate of technological advancement, scientists have a solution for this, Self-healing materials. As of now, they have narrowed down their interests on gels, epoxies and some solid polymers. Although they are yet to hit the shelves, we can expect for a full-fledged suit built using these materials in the next decade, at least.

Invisibility Cloaks

Invisibility is an invincible ability that you would’ve dreamt of having at least once in your life. To make your dream into a reality, scientists are currently researching invisibility cloaks that could give you enough stealth to save the world. As of now, they’ve narrowed down this material to something called “metamaterials”. These synthetic composites can bend ultraviolet light around a very small object, thereby making it invisible. The science is simple, but the execution is very complicated. To put it into perspective, this tech would look like the iconic scene in “Ghost Protocol”, but with thousands of screens and cameras embedded on your body

Enhanced tissue repair

To ensure your safety, you should go beyond a self-healing superhero suit. Bio-engineering brings us this technology right from the sci-fi world, which could heal your tissues. For this, we need to make use of “leader cells”. Once we successfully change our normal cells to such leader cells, our tissues would heal by itself. Finally, we can go head-to-head against Logan and defeat him with his own weapon. That’s not all, you can cut your healing time half by using a biodegradable membrane, giving you a headstart in your duel against the Wolverine!


Imagine having a suit that you could significantly enhance your strength! Not the self-healing suit but an additional system that could make you lift as much as 250 pounds without much effort. Enter the age of Exoskeleton! This should be a no brainer. This technology is pretty popular. With many companies trying this out to assist defence and industrial operations, we can expect this technology to hit the stores very soon. Leading aerospace company, Lockheed Martin has already built 2 prototypes, one for military and other for industries. Above all, Exoskeleton promises to give accessibility to those who lost their limbs. Coupled with a self-healing suit, you can defeat Thanos within a blink of his eye!

Artificial muscle fibres

If Exoskeleton is not enough to beat Thanos, then we have artificial muscle fibres. It is surprising to see how a polymer fishing line can help enhance your muscle system. The system is simple, first, the fishing line is twisted until it reaches a point where heat or electric current would contract it. Concretely, this would produce an enhanced muscle fibre that is expected to be 100 times stronger than our own. Thanos!, you better be ready!


Lasers are peace mongers biggest nightmare. Predominantly used in the field of research, Lasers can be weaponized. Although it is not possible for this to be handheld, vehicles can carry this technology. The only issue is the amount of energy it demands. But surprisingly, the army has found a way to do this. Their “Active Denial System” can the flesh out of a person’s body using signals similar to microwaves. Furthermore, if we are to make the first contact with extraterrestrial beings, we can use their battery technology to devise a handheld laser system!

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