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10 Things You Need to Know about MNA Digital, SEO and Marketing Agency


MNA Digital is a digital creative and marketing agency located in Wolverhampton, West Midlands. Below are 10 things that you probably didn’t know, but need to know about MNA Digital.

1. MNA Digital has been supporting local businesses for 140 years

MNA Digital is a part of MNA Media, a leading regional publisher supporting the local community and business for over 140 years. This long history means that the company has an extremely deep footprint and wealth of knowledge in the industry.

2. MNA Digital offers 4 primary services

The main offerings of MNA Digital include bespoke website design, SEO, PPC management, and social media management. MNA Digital can help develop and execute your entire online strategy from A to Z.

3. MNA Digital has over 20 years of SEO experience

The expert SEO team working out of the Wolverhampton has been offering professional SEO services for over 20 years. The services are affordable and suitable for small and large businesses alike.

4. MNA Digital SEO packages are feature rich

MNA Digital is serious about SEO. When you work with them, they will provide analysis and research, a technical audit, content creation, link acquisition, a site audit, content optimization, live reporting, and dedicated support to make sure your expectations are met throughout the process.

5. MNA Digital has a proven track record

By visiting the case study section of MNA Digital’s website, you can see the details of over a dozen projects executed to completion, with the results available for review. For instance, WV Active hired MNA Digital to increase their paid ad conversions, and increased their total conversions by 230%.

6. MNA Digital has its own best marketing award

MNA Digital is a sponsor for the Best Marketing Campaign award at the Express & Star Business Awards. Run a great marketing campaign and you can be recognized by the best.

7. MNA Digital offers a free website health check

Submit your website through the website form for a free website health check. MNA Digital will tell you things like what Google thinks of your website, how fast/slow your website is, how engaging your website is, and how secure it is.

8. MNA Digital offers free guides to jumpstart your online business

With titles such as “How to choose and set up your website domain” and “A small business guide to writing a marketing plan” you can’t go wrong by diving into some of the free guides published on the MNA digital website. Why not learn from the experts?

9. MNA Digital is Google Accredited

The entire PPC team at MNA Digital is Google certified. Their PPC service also offers ad optimization, transparent reporting, a tailored approach, dedicated support, with everything driven by performance.

10. MNA Digital offers free consultation

Submit your contact information and someone from the MNA Digital team will reach out to you and talk about your business needs. They can let you know about some options that you have for improving your online digital strategy immediately.

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