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Top 5 Best SEO Companies in London, UK in 2023


Search Engine Optimization is one of the highest ROI activities possible in your online marketing strategy. If you rank at the top of the Google search results your keyword, you can expect a continuing stream of qualified and interested clicks to your website, which will convert to leads for your product or service. There is no cost for receiving search engine traffic to your website, meaning that search engine traffic provides the highest quality traffic with the lowest direct cost. There is however an indirect cost, in paying for SEO marketers to help you not only build rankings in search results, but to help you track and maintain the positions that you already have. But given the high effectiveness of search traffic, the cost for working with SEO marketers is one that many companies are willing to accept.
At AdvanceTec we strive to connect our readers with the highest quality and most relevant resources. We have researched what we believe to be the top 5 SEO companies in London, UK in 2023. Please find our list of top SEO marketers in London below.

Thrive Agency

Thrive is an online marketing company focused on delivering sustainable growth. It’s core values are: gratitude, respect, ownership, work ethic, think bigger, and honesty. They provide full-service digital marketing solutions, including custom website development, dedicated account managers, in addition to SEO services. Whitney Wells Lewis of Parc Urology gives a glowing testimony: “These guys are incredible. They’ve helped us to grow our business and now the biggest problem we seem to come across is having too much business – which is the ideal problem to have.”

Pearl Lemon

Offering bespoke SEO services, Pearl Lemon has made a name for itself by delivering results for clients in the London area (and beyond). Typical results include a doubling of organic traffic. Pearl Lemon focuses on a variety of types of SEO: Local SEO, technical SEO, WordPress SEO, ecommerce SEO, Youtube SEO, Mobile SEO, and overall SEO strategy. Not convinced? Check out their library of 25 video case studies to see some of the work they have done for clients.

Go Up

The result of a successful SEO campaign is that your position in the search results will go up. This is why Go Up SEO agency has become such a big player in the London SEO scene. It is because they know that results matter, and going up matters. Go Up offers SEO, Design, and PR services to help companies meet their business goals. Not only will they help improve your digital marketing fundamentals, but Go Up also focuses on giving back to the community via charities, so it just gives another reason to try them out.


Sometimes you want to work with an SEO partner who handles it all. Clickslice takes you from content creation, to link building, to keyword strategy, competitor analysis, technical SEO, and link building. The company founder is Joshua George, who is one of the top SEO educators in the world. Over 100,000 students have learned from Joshua. Glowing testimonials and case studies demonstrate that Clickslice knows how to get the job done.

Itamar Blauer

Sometimes you don’t need the entire SEO agency, you need the SEO man. Itamar is what you would call an SEO guru. He is a published SEO author, an SEO public speaker, an SEO podcaster, and SEO researcher. As a consultant, he will help you take your business to the next level. His track record demonstrates that he is a consummate professional, and you will only be better off after speaking with him.

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