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10 Things You Need To Know About iOS 18 Update

10 Things You Need To Know About iOS 18 Update
10 Things You Need To Know About iOS 18 Update (Pixabay)

Here are 10 key points about iOS 18, the upcoming iPhone software update:

  1. Release Date: Historically, Apple releases new iOS versions in September, typically in the second or third week. We expect iOS 18 to follow a similar timeline.
  2. Compatibility: All iPhones that support iOS 17 should also be compatible with iOS 18. This includes models from the iPhone XR up to the upcoming iPhone 16.
  3. Generative AI: iOS 18 is rumored to feature generative AI capabilities. Siri will become smarter and more useful, potentially automating complex tasks with voice commands.
  4. RCS Support: Apple plans to include RCS (Rich Communication Services) support in iOS 18, enhancing texting experiences between iPhones and Android devices.
  5. Accessibility Features: New accessibility features are reportedly in development, including a Hearing Aid Mode for AirPods Pro.
  6. Redesign: There are indications that iOS 18 might undergo a significant redesign, although details remain scarce.
  7. Siri Improvements: Siri will receive major enhancements, allowing users to automate multi-step tasks using voice commands. Think of creating GIFs from photos and sending them to friends, all in one action.
  8. Language Models: Apple aims to make Siri smarter by incorporating language models, similar to what’s possible with the Shortcuts app.
  9. Privacy and Functionality: Balancing privacy and functionality, Apple continues to improve Siri while maintaining its commitment to user privacy.
  10. WWDC 2024: Expect an iOS 18 preview at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2024, followed by a full release in September.

Keep in mind that these details are based on rumors and leaks, so the final iOS 18 may differ. Nonetheless, it promises to be a significant update for iPhone users!

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