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Why Do My Galaxy Buds Keep Disconnecting (And How To Fix)

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Galaxy Buds and Buds Pro are some of the most popular Bluetooth earphones. They have features like active noise cancellation, equalizer, Google Assistant trigger, and automatic device connection. However, ever since the emergence of these products, many people have been wondering why their Galaxy Buds keep disconnecting randomly. So, if you’re going through the same issue and you’re wondering why your Galaxy buds keep disconnecting, here’s why:

Why Do My Galaxy Buds Keep Disconnecting?

Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

Your Galaxy Buds can disconnect for many reasons, like low battery, outdated software, a phone’s Bluetooth problem, signal interference, and out-of-range connection. When you have these issues, your earbuds will automatically disconnect and reconnect.

Each of these issues will have a different solution, so we will solve them step by step. For example, when it comes to Bluetooth problems, you might need to update your software, restart your phone, or even reset it.

So, let’s talk about each of these problems individually and figure out the solutions to why your Galaxy Buds keep disconnecting.

1. Low Galaxy Buds Battery

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One of the leading reasons for your Galaxy Buds disconnecting is the low battery. Sometimes, you might feel that the connection keeps cutting off. There might even be a sound in the ear after every 5-10 seconds. Lastly, if there’s a red light on your Galaxy Buds, then it means that the battery is low. That calls for a charger.

The connection won’t work properly when your Galaxy Bud’s battery is low. You should always check your device’s Bluetooth settings for the battery level. Moreover, when your earbuds’ battery is low, it automatically goes into power-saving mode to save some battery.

So, a quick solution would be to keep the case and earphones charged.

2. Outdated Software

Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

Another cause of Galaxy Buds disconnecting is outdated software. Whenever you get an update on any smart device, the update fixes many issues. The early models of Galaxy Buds had connectivity problems that are now fixed with OTA updates.

Hence, to fix it, you must use your Galaxy Wearable App from the Play Store or App Store and update the earbuds. To do that, simply download the Galaxy Wearable App from the store, connect your phone, and download any update if available.

Another quick fix you can implement is resetting the Galaxy Buds from your Galaxy Wearable app. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Download the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone.
  2. Connect Galaxy Buds with the app.
  3. Tap on the “General” option and select “Reset.”
  4. Confirm the reset and reconnect of your earbuds.

By resetting your Galaxy Buds, you should eliminate any disconnection problems. You can even try to re-pair your Galaxy Buds with your phone since that typically fixes the connection issues.

3. Re-pair the Bluetooth Device

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The most common issue why your Galaxy Buds keep disconnecting is the Bluetooth problem of your device. Whether you’re using a phone, tab, or computer, Bluetooth problems are quite common and are known to cause connectivity issues.

Hence, if your phone’s Bluetooth isn’t working, restart or reset it. Most of the time, a simple restart fixes the issue, and you get your connection back. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Try turning your phone’s Bluetooth off and on.
  • Try restarting your device.
  • Try resetting your device.

Resetting is the last step if your Galaxy Buds aren’t working. However, for most people, restarting the device fixes the connection problem. If restarting and resetting your device didn’t work, chances are your Bluetooth is working, and the problem might not be with your phone. Keep reading to find more solutions.

4. Range Issues

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Every Bluetooth device has its range. Whether it’s your Galaxy Buds or your mobile device, the range is the one factor that ensures good quality connection. Hence, when you’re far from your Galaxy Buds, you will first hear distortion, ultimately turning into a disconnected device.

Typically, Samsung Galaxy Buds range 10 meters or 32 feet. Anything more than the recommended range will cause connection issues. So when you’re having disconnecting issues, place the device and the earbuds in the same room.

Final Verdict
If your Galaxy Earbuds keep disconnecting, don’t worry because the issue is fixable. You can try the following steps to regain the connection:

  1. Update Galaxy Buds Firmware
  2. Restart your mobile device
  3. Reset Galaxy Buds
  4. Keep the Buds in range
  5. Pair your Galaxy Buds again
  6. Reinstall the Galaxy Wearable app.

Following one of these tips will fix your issue most of the time. If you still don’t regain the connection, you should talk to Samsung’s support team, who will assist you with further help.

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