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Plumcot Benefits and How To Eat It Well


Plum, the fruit of the plum tree, is one of the seasonal fruits representing summer, characterized by its rich juice and sweet-sour taste. Apricots, which are in season from June to July, are also a fruit whose main season is in summer. Plumcot is also a fruit that is in season in summer, and is a combination of plum and apricot. It is said that plums and apricots were hybridized at a ratio of 50% each, and the name plumcot was created by combining the words plum, meaning plum, and apricot, meaning apricot. It is also said to have been first developed by the American botanist Luther Burbank in the late 19th century. The plumcot is made through the normal fertilization process of pollination of apricot pollen into the plum stigma, and is divided into four types: Harmony, Tiffany, Symphony, and Shiny. Not only does it have a unique flavor that combines the fragrant juice of plums and the sweet and sour taste of apricots, but it also contains far more antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols compared to other fruits, so its nutritional value is recognized. . Now, let’s take a look at various information about the efficacy of plumcot and how to eat it.

Plumcot main benefits

It is said that plumcot contains more antioxidants such as flavonoids, polyphenols, and anthocyanins compared to other fruits. In particular, the Tiffany variety, one of the plumcots, contains 3.8 times more flavonoids than plums and 1.6 times more than apricots. This high content of antioxidants helps to enhance immunity that protects the body from external antigens such as various bacteria and viruses, and works well in reducing oxidative stress caused by free radicals. In particular, free radicals cause damage to cells and DNA and act as the main culprit to speed up the aging of the body.

In addition, plumcot contains large amounts of vitamins A and C. These rich vitamin components also help to increase the body’s resistance to prevent various diseases, and are said to be effective for skin beauty by enhancing the elasticity of the skin. Apricots also have a higher content of beta-carotene than other fruits. As plumcot is made by combining plum and apricot, it is said that it contains the rich beta-carotene component of apricot. This high content of beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A during the process of absorption into the body, which is said to help protect eyesight and prevent various eye diseases such as night blindness and dry eye syndrome. In addition, plumcot contains abundant organic acid and water common to plums and apricots, so it helps a lot to recover energy and quench thirst by promoting metabolism and blood circulation.

How to eat plumcot

Plumcot has a strong sweet and sour taste and is often consumed as a raw fruit. You can eat fresh fruits during the plumcot harvest period, from late June to early July. In addition, plumcot has a high sugar content and has a good flavor, so it can be eaten deliciously in the form of jam.

Plumcot is a fruit that is harvested when it is hard and eaten after undergoing a post-ripening process. Ripe plumcot has a sweet aroma, soft flesh and dark skin color. However, the plumcot purchased at the mart or market is not ripe yet and the flesh is often hard. In the process of ripening, the skin of the fruit turns red, and it has a sweet aroma and richness of juice. Also, if you eat it before it becomes completely soft, you can enjoy the sour taste, and if it is soft, the sweetness becomes stronger, so you can eat it according to your preference.

Also, if you want the hard plumcot to ripen quickly, wrap it with the apple halves in plastic and store it at room temperature for 1 to 2 days. It is said that the rate of ripening of plumcots is accelerated by the ethylene released from apples cut in half. Also, keep in mind that the suitable storage temperature for post-ripening is 18~20℃.

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