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Microsoft’s pressure to stop Windows downloads in Russia


Downloads of Windows 10 11 ISO files from Microsoft’s official website have been stopped in Russia.

This news was reported through TASS, a Russian telecommunication company, and you cannot download the Windows 10 11 ISO file from Russia to Microsoft’s website unless you bypass it through a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Windows 10 · 11 installation files can be easily obtained through other websites even by the general public, but if Windows Update is also blocked in Russia in the future, many PC users may experience inconvenience.

Meanwhile, Microsoft announced in early March of this year that it would suspend the supply of its products and services and drastically reduce its business in Russia due to Russia’s war on the invasion of Ukraine and the decision of the US federal government to impose sanctions. have.

Russia is a country capable of self-sufficiency in energy resources and food, but it is not easy to localize even core software such as an operating system.

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