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How to Rank up Faster in Valorant | The Perfect Guide


Are you stuck in your rank and not able to push forward? We all have been there, where nothing you try works, and instead of improving, you lose more and more MMR. Luckily there are practices and pro tips which can help you improve your mechanical skills and gear up your game while gaining more MMR and increasing your rank.

In Valorant the ranks are determined by two factors, the actual rank rating and the Hidden Match Making Rating (MMR). To increase your rank and gain more rank rating points you need to increase the level of your MMR. The more wins you stack, the higher your MMR will be.

The practices and tips covered in this guide are used by the pro players. As a gamer, I have invested hours and hours in researching how to get better. After studying forums and pro player’s tips I implemented them all in my gameplay and improved drastically. This guide will conclude all that helps you in improving your gameplay.

Improve Your  AIM

The aim is the most crucial part of all First Person Shooter (FPS) games including Valorant. There is no shortcut to improving your aim over a night, top players spend hundreds of hours training and playing the game to improve their aim. The trick to improve your aim is to practice your aim and build muscle memory. The best places to improve your aim are the in-game Training range, death matches, and the Aimlab.

Training Range

The training range is an in-game feature of Valorant, you must have seen this place when you first started the game, and after that, you have never visited this place. Valorant training range provides you with a variety of exercises.

  • You can train in distance shooting to build muscle memory for range shooting and crosshair placement.
  • You can train for moving and still targets at different distances.
  • Then there is the shooting range where you can train your motion shots and multiline trace shots.


Deathmatchs are the perfect way of improving your aim and learning new agents. As they are shorter matches with infinite respawn free for all fights. They are perfect for improving your map positioning and aim positioning in a real-time environment.


Another solution to improve your aim is the aim training application Aimlab. They provide custom scenarios and exercises for Valorant to increase your aiming capabilities. Their training scenarios include:

  • Motion shots that will increase the precision and repositioning of the crosshair.
  • Spider shots for 180-degree turns and targeting enemies behind you.
  • Headshot aim placements as Valorant reward maximum damage on headshots.
  • Multiline trace that makes your practice your crosshair shift from one enemy to another one.
  • Grid training is by far the most popular training exercise as it increases your reaction time and muscle memory in aiming and follow-up aim.

Master Two to Three Agents

Mastering a single agent is the most basic thing you can do in Valorant, but what will happen if someone else picks your agent? You will lose because you are a one-trick pony. So it’s better to learn two or three agents as it will give you more room to experiment and learn new things.

For example, if you prefer to stay behind or in the middle of the pack you can pick sage a sentinel type of agent. This agent is a good healer, slows enemies, and places a wall to deny entry. You can learn other sentinel agents like killjoy and cipher, as they are perfect to reinforce and hold territories.

Ranking Queue

Valorants ranking queue allows solos, duos, and 5 man parties. Where in solo and duos you will be matched with the same level of opponents. However, in a 5-man party, Valorant allows mixed ranks where even Iron players can play in a party of Platinum and Diamonds.

So Instead of partying with the high-ranking players to carry the game, you should play more in your bracket. This will increase your skill level as the players against you will be similar in-game mechanics.

While playing unranked or ranked matches add more people to your friend list. As this will give you more people to queue with who have similar ranks.

Team Composition and Strategy

Finding a well-balanced team is the top priority in Valorant. As Many teams lose their rankings because of bad team composition. They pick all duelists or initiators, which weakens the team composition because you lack controllers and sentinels. These are important for map control and shaping the battlefield to your advantage. 

All maps in Valorant are different from each other, this makes the game more competitive. That’s why you can’t pick the same agent on all maps, as not all agents will perform the same on every map. Another reason to strategies your agents is to get a well-balanced team.

Communicate Throughout the Game

Good communication is the key to winning games in Valorant. All pro players communicate with their teammates and you must have seen them doing some amazing trick shots which left you wondering how did he know the enemy was low or the enemy was even there. This is all because of the communication with their teammates and pass the information they have. You can include communication in your game plays.

  • By starting the communication early while picking agents. This will ensure that you have good team composition.
  • Keep your team informed of your movements and the damage you did to enemies before dying. This will help your teammates in making quick decisions to push or defend.
  •  Tagging the enemy’s last known location on the map, or if you have good headphones and you can hear footsteps, reload, or ability sounds, mark the position on the map so your ally can know where to aim.

Buy Equipment Around Economy

It is better to understand the economy in this game. sometimes you have to throw a round or two by not buying a full shield or expensive gun. You just buy a half shield with the cheapest gun while saving to buy the next round. This is a necessary step to win the game, I know it sounds dumb but if you lose continuous rounds your chances for a comeback are less. Some players keep on buying good guns with no shield and die instantly. 

Your buy tab shows the current gold and gold you will have in the next round, this way you can decide what equipment you can buy while saving for the next round.

Final Verdict

All games require time and continuous practice to improve your mechanical and communication skills. The practices and tips discussed in this post are the basics of winning games in Valorant. Knowing when to use an agent and how to use it well makes the difference between you and other players. Communicating with allies will help you strategize and play more Valorantly.

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