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How to Build the Best Motorways in Mini Motorways? (Easy Tips for High Scores)

How to build the best motorways in Mini Motorways
Photo: Dino Polo Club

Ever been stuck in traffic and thought about what you would have done to make the traffic flow smoothly? Well, Dinosaur Polo Club’s Mini Motorways gives you the chance to live your civil engineer dream and build the best possible routes.

You get many different blocks in Mini Motorways. These include road tiles, roundabouts, traffic lights, bridges, motorways, and tunnels. Today we’ll be looking at the top-tier upgrade of the game, i.e., the motorways. You can also name them highways or freeways; it doesn’t really make a difference.

You’ll usually start getting motorways after around 4 weeks in the city where you’re playing. Make sure to collect them each and every time at the start. They’ll be extremely beneficial later on, and you’ll realize that after spending 2-3 months in the metropolitan area.

Warning: This game is incredibly addictive. Especially after the Endless game mode dropped in a recent update, the players have been playing the game for hours without breaking a sweat.

These tips will mainly focus on guiding the newbies who are just starting the game. However, even if you’re a regular player, there’s always something that we can learn.

Are Motorways Useful to Build in Mini Motorways?

The assistance and functionality of highways are evident from the name of the game. Of course, it’s named Mini Motorways for a reason.

Having said that, motorways make the traffic way too convenient as compared to some of the other blocks in the game. You can basically connect one end of the map to the other end without any problem. The length of these highways is infinite!

They go over the regular roads and bridges, so none of the traffic beneath is disturbed. Besides, cars travel faster on these freeways. Therefore, those who are running on them will get to their destinations much more quickly.

Motorway block in Mini Motorways
Motorway block alongside 10 road tiles

Whenever you get the motorway block – keep it! You don’t wanna prefer something like a traffic light over a highway at any instance of the game.

If you’re lucky, there might even be 2 or 3 consecutive motorway blocks coming your way. Save them in your inventory as they’ll be gold’s worth in the future.

How to Effectively Build the Best Motorways?

“Okay, I have selected the motorway upgrades, how do I utilize them now?” Well, that is the main aspect. If you can’t build proper highways in the game, I am afraid you might not go past 1000-2000 points.

No worries though, as I am here to explain all the tactics for productive construction.

A highway connecting blue houses to their warehouse
Picture by Real Civil Engineer

See the long pink strip with the numerical 1 on it? That’s a motorway. There are two things to note here. First, the blue houses on the bottom-left are a long way away from the top-right warehouse. Second, that warehouse is close to being full.

And that’s where the motorway comes to the rescue. It efficiently connects the blue houses to the warehouse. The cars will easily reach their destinations now, and the traffic will run hassle-free.

Here’s another example:

Motorways connecting blue and yellow houses to their respective warehouses in Mini Motorways
Picture by Dino Polo Club

Observe “Motorway 1” first. The blue houses are at a distance, and the highway smoothly connects them to the bottom-left warehouse. Now, if we notice “Motorway 2”, it connects the three yellow houses to the bottom depository.

There’s another yellow warehouse just above it, which most cars will prefer due to its short path. However, as soon as the orders in the bottom store start getting flooded, more cars will begin going there.

Can Motorways Go Past Mountains in Mini Motorways?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. It’s pretty obvious that mountains will block motorways or any road for that matter. Now there’s a special block that you’ll get in maps with mountains, and that is the “Tunnel”.

Tunnels help you build a pathway through the mountains, giving the cars a comfortable route to reach the warehouses.

You can not insert a motorway block in the mountain even after using the tunnel upgrade. There will be just a few regular road tiles going underneath the hills. Nevertheless, that does the job well of keeping the traffic flowing.

Final Thoughts

So, I hope you have now got the necessary knowledge about how to build the best motorways in Mini Motorways. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting a bit and playing around with different strategies.

There are 16 cities to choose from and newer ones are expected to come soon. Keep pushing and try to break your highest score each time. There’s also a global leaderboard in case some motivation is required to compete for the top.

All in all, it’ll be fun to watch how good a traffic organizer you can be!

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