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Angelica Dahurica Benefits and Side Effects


Angelica dahurica belongs to the dicotyledonous umbel family, and refers to a biennial or triennial herb widely distributed in Korea, Japan, China, and Siberia. It inhabits all over the country and grows wild in places with a lot of water, such as a stream in a mountain. Angelica dahurica with thick rhizomes grows to an average height of 1.5 m. The leaves are split twice in the shape of a feather, and the split pieces are characterized by a lanceolate or oval shape. Angelica dahurica eats the tender shoots that grow in spring as a vegetable, and the rhizome is often used for medicinal purposes. As it contains coumarin, imperatrin, edultin, and other ingredients, it is widely used as a medicine to treat various diseases under the names of herbal medicines such as white paper, white vinegar, hyangbaekji, and duyak. Now, let’s take a look at the main benefits of Angelica dahurica and what are the side effects to be aware of when ingesting it.

Angelica dahurica main benefits

1. analgesic action

Angelica dahurica is known to have a good analgesic effect to stop pain, so it can help reduce pain caused by headaches, migraines, toothaches, neuralgia, and stomach pains. It is also known to have a beneficial effect on antipyretic action and to get a good effect in lowering heat that can be caused by various diseases.

2. Vascular health

Coumarin, known as a key ingredient in Angelica dahurica, is also known as a powerful blood thinner. In addition, the coumarin component in Angelica dahurica has a good antioxidant action that reduces free radicals that cause inflammation in blood vessels, so it is said to be effective in helping to inhibit the formation of blood clots that harden blood in blood vessels.

3. Antibacterial action

It is known that the essential oil of Angelica dahurica has an effective antibacterial action to remove harmful bacteria and pathogenic fungi that penetrate into the human body and cause infection. In addition, it is known that this excellent antibacterial action has a good effect on improving the immunity that protects the body from various viruses, pathogens, and toxins.

4. Skin health

Angelica dahurica contains several anti-inflammatory ingredients including imperatrin, so it is said to have a good effect on improving various skin diseases and pruritus. In addition, it has a good effect on improving symptoms such as acne, melasma, and hives, and it is also said to have a beneficial effect on skin beauty by helping to shrink pores. In addition, as it is known to be effective as an antioxidant that removes free radicals, which are the main culprits of skin aging, it is said to be beneficial in slowing down the progress of skin aging. Due to the benefits of Angelica dahurica for skin beauty and anti-aging, Angelica dahurica extract is also widely used as a main ingredient in various cosmetics.

other effects

Angelica dahurica is known to have excellent effects in relieving cold and treating colitis, fistulas, and malignant boils, in addition to the various effects mentioned above. It also has the effect of piercing the nose and draining pus, so it is said to be used a lot in the treatment of nasal congestion, rhinitis, and sinusitis. In addition, it is said to help improve symptoms such as cataract, peptic ulcer, menstrual irregularity, menstrual pain, dysphagia, and chronic diarrhea. Side effects to watch out for when taking Angelica dahurica

Although Angelica dahurica has various effects, there are reports that when consumed in excess, it causes several side effects such as increased blood pressure, decreased pulse rate, and vomiting. Therefore, it is recommended to consume 1~3g at a time. In addition, since side effects may occur depending on the constitution, it is recommended that you decide whether to consume it after consulting with a specialist to check whether you have a constitution or not. When ingesting Angelica dahurica, it is said that it is a good way to drink 1-3 g of dried medicinal herbs in 200cc of water at a time, or to take it in powder form.

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