Home Business 5 Life-Changing Best Businesses You Can Build with AI in 2024

5 Life-Changing Best Businesses You Can Build with AI in 2024

5 Life-Changing Best Businesses You Can Build with AI in 2024
5 Life-Changing Best Businesses You Can Build with AI in 2024

Imagine a world where privacy policies and terms of service agreements aren’t just cryptic scrolls of doom. Picture a Chrome plugin that whips these legal labyrinths into bite-sized summaries, empowering you to understand what you’re signing before clicking “agree.” This simple AI-powered tool could be your ticket to saving countless souls from online pitfalls and legal headaches. Think Robin Hood, but armed with algorithms and a passion for clarity!

Terms-of-Service Summarization Plugin: Many people don’t have the time or patience to read the long and complex privacy policies or terms of service agreements of online platforms and services. That’s why you can create a Chrome plugin that will give them a brief summary of the main points in a simple paragraph. This way, they can know what they are signing up for and avoid any legal or privacy issues.

AI Newsletter: AI is a fascinating and fast-changing field that attracts a lot of interest from various audiences. You can create a newsletter that will keep them updated on the latest news, trends, and insights on AI from different sources. You can choose a specific niche, such as AI enthusiasts, researchers, developers, or investors, and provide them with valuable and relevant information on a regular basis. You can make money from your newsletter by charging a subscription fee, selling ads, or offering sponsored content.

AI-Powered Content Website: Content is king, but creating high-quality content can be time-consuming and challenging. You can create a website that will generate original and engaging content on various topics using AI. You can use natural language generation (NLG) tools, such as DeepL or Uizard, to produce articles, blogs, reviews, or summaries. You can also use natural language understanding (NLU) tools, such as Frame AI or Moveworks, to analyze and optimize your content for SEO, readability, and user feedback. You can earn money from your website by selling ads, affiliate links, or premium content.

Copywriter for Hire: If you have a knack for writing persuasive and effective copy, you can offer your services as a copywriter who uses AI to enhance your work. You can use NLG tools, such as DeepL or Uizard, to create catchy headlines, slogans, taglines, or calls to action. You can also use NLU tools, such as Frame AI or Moveworks, to customize your copy to your target audience, tone, and style. You can charge your clients based on the quality, quantity, and complexity of your copy.

Faceless YouTube Channel: YouTube is a popular and lucrative platform, but not everyone wants to show their face on camera. You can create a YouTube channel that features videos with no human faces, but instead uses AI-generated voices, animations, or graphics. You can use voice synthesis tools, such as Lyrebird or Resemble AI, to create realistic and expressive voices for your videos. You can also use animation or graphic design tools, such as [Toonly] or [Canva], to create appealing and professional visuals for your videos. You can monetize your channel by selling ads, merchandise, or memberships.

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