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5 Best VPN for Android Phone in 2024

5 Best VPN for Android Phone in 2024
5 Best VPN for Android Phone in 2024
  • ExpressVPN: This is the best overall VPN for Android, with unmatched transparency, top-notch security, excellent for streaming, and server-location diversity. However, it is also expensive and only allows five simultaneous connections.
  • Surfshark: This is the best value VPN for Android, with lots of unique security features, unlimited simultaneous connections, RAM-only server network, and great app performance. However, it has inconsistent speed performance and is under a 14 Eyes jurisdiction (Netherlands).
  • NordVPN: This is the fastest VPN for Android, with tons of features, diskless RAM-only server infrastructure, and reliable connectivity. However, it has no transparency reports, ambiguous corporate structure, and only allows six simultaneous connections.
  • ProtonVPN: This is the best for enhanced anonymity, with a generous free subscription, a kill switch, a net shield, and strong encryption. However, it has fewer servers and locations than some competitors, and some advanced features require a paid plan.
  • Private Internet Access : This is the best for customization, with a large network of servers, a robust privacy policy, and a lot of settings and options. However, it is based in the US, which is not a privacy-friendly jurisdiction, and it has a cluttered interface.
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