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3 Best Teas That Are Good For Rhinitis


Rhinitis refers to a disease in which the nasal mucosa is congested and swollen and secretes serous exudate. It is broadly classified into acute and chronic, and it is known that it occurs a lot during the changing season, in particular, when the temperature difference between day and night is large. Rhinitis is difficult to see as a fatal disease, but it is not easy to treat. In addition, when various symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion continue, it can cause a significant decrease in quality of life. It is said that rhinitis is greatly affected by lifestyle and eating habits. In particular, in the case of allergic rhinitis, in which various symptoms such as a clear runny nose, sneezing, and stuffy nose are caused by contact with allergens on the nasal mucosa, the immune response is greatly affected, so the influence of lifestyle is greater. Therefore, it is important to minimize various factors that cause rhinitis such as rapid temperature change and dust, soot, fatigue, stress, and cigarette smoke. In addition, regular intake of various types of tea, which will help minimize inflammation in the nasal mucosa, is said to help manage rhinitis. So, today, I would like to learn about various teas that are excellent in preventing and relieving symptoms of rhinitis.

Good teas for rhinitis

1. Green bean tea

The first tea that works well for rhinitis is green bean tea. Beans belong to the legume family, and are annual plants that are native to tropical regions such as tropical Asia, India, and Africa. Various components, such as histidine and urease, which are abundantly contained in green beans, have beneficial effects in protecting the nasal mucosa and inhibiting inflammation to help prevent rhinitis and relieve symptoms. In addition, the excellent anti-inflammatory action of green soybean tea is excellent in relieving symptoms of various inflammatory diseases such as sinusitis and otitis media, and it is also effective in stabilizing the immune system with vitamins A, B, and C, etc., which are more abundant than general soybeans.

2. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea, a tea made by boiling ginger, a food ingredient often used as a spice in various dishes, is also one of the best teas for rhinitis. It is said that it has a good effect on improving symptoms of rhinitis by minimizing inflammation inside the nasal mucosa due to the excellent anti-inflammatory action of gingerol, which is contained in ginger. In addition, ginger has excellent antiviral, antibacterial and sterilizing effects, so it is excellent in relieving symptoms such as runny nose, cough, and phlegm, and is known to help improve immune hypersensitivity by promoting peripheral blood vessels.

3. Green Tea

Green tea, a tea made using unfermented tea leaves, contains a large amount of catechins, an excellent anti-allergic substance, which is said to be effective in relieving rhinitis symptoms. According to a study conducted in Japan, consistent consumption of green tea reduced allergy symptoms by 50%. In addition, the rich catechin component of green tea is excellent in antioxidant action to reduce the concentration of excessively increased free radicals, and is known to have a beneficial effect in preventing obesity through fat decomposition.

Other types of tea

Several teas such as jujube tea, chrysanthemum tea, and mulberry leaf tea as well as the teas introduced above are reported to have a good effect on rhinitis by protecting the nasal mucosa and removing inflammation.

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