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Top 10 animals with the strongest biting power in the world

Top 10 animals with the strongest biting power in the world
Top 10 animals with the strongest biting power in the world (Pixabay)

Which animal has the strongest biting power in the world? The lion, the king of beasts? A hyena that even eats the bones of other animals? Or… another animal?

The biting force of an animal was measured in PSI, a unit of pressure, and the biting force of an adult male is said to be about 150 PSI.

​Now, let’s take a look at the top 10 animals with the strongest biting power in the world!

※ This list may vary depending on new research, and some researchers say that Jaguar has 2000 PSI. decided to deal with it.

10th place. Bengal Tiger PSI: 1050

Bengal tigers are said to have strong jaws and sharp teeth. It has the strongest biting power among felines, and is the second highest among carnivorous mammals. The bears mentioned below are classified as omnivorous, not carnivorous, and appear to have placed tigers second behind hyenas.​

9th place. Spotted Hyena PSI: 1100

The hyena’s teeth are said to be well-suited to chewing coarse food and bones. That’s why hyena’s milk contains a lot of calcium.

8th place. Polar Bear PSI: 1235

Polar bears have very powerful teeth and have very large incisors and fangs.

7th Grizzly Bear PSI: 1250

Grizzly bears are known to be the largest of all bears. Males weigh on average 180-360 kg, and females weigh 130-180 kg.

tied for sixth place. Bull Shark PSI: 1250

In fact, when you think of sharks, the first thing that comes to mind is the Great White Shark, but the Great White Shark is ranked 17th and has 669 SPI. Among sharks, the bull shark is the strongest and can be said to be the number one in the sea.

5th place. SilverBack Gorilla PSI: 1300

The silverback gorilla is so named because the head male of the gorillas has a silvery back, but it is not clear whether it is a Lowland Gorilla or a Mountain Gorilla.

4th place. Hippopotamus SPI: 1821

Because hippos are herbivores, they have less sharp teeth than carnivores, but they have powerful jaw muscles, making them the strongest biting force of all mammals.

3rd place. Mississippi Alligator PSI: 2125

There are only two alligators in the world, the Mississippi River in the United States and the Yangtze River in China.

2nd place. Nile Crocodile PSI: 5000

Crocodile is also called a pointed crocodile because its snout is more developed in a V shape than an alligator.

1st. Saltwater Crocodile PSI: 7700

It’s the long-awaited number one! By a huge margin, the saltwater crocodile took first place! clap clap! In the case of a male, it is said that it can grow up to 1360 kg at 6.3 m. On average, it grows to 4.3 to 5.2 m and weighs 400 to 1000 kg. The female grows to about 3m, but it’s by no means small. The jaw-dropping and biting power that comes from such a terrifying size must be amazing!

The crocodile took all of the 1st to 3rd places. This proves that the animal with the strongest biting power in the world is the crocodile, and that the crocodile has a stronger biting power than the alligator! The hippopotamus is the strongest of all mammals!

However, there are animals whose biting force has not yet been measured, and there are still many studies being conducted, so I do not know when the ranking will change.


11th place. Alligator Snapping Turtle PSI: 1004

A crocodile turtle known for its strong biting power! The crocodile tortoise resembles a crocodile in appearance, so it is even called a crocodile tortoise. It didn’t make it into the TOP 10, but the crocodile turtle still has a very strong biting power!

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