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Apple Buys Canadian AI Startup: 10 Things You Should Know About DarwinAI


Here are 10 key points about DarwinAI:

  1. Acquisition by Apple: Earlier this year, Apple acquired Canada-based company DarwinAI to bolster its artificial intelligence (AI) team. The acquisition was reported by Bloomberg.
  2. Focus on Smaller and More Efficient AI Systems: DarwinAI specialized in creating AI technology for inspecting components during the manufacturing process. Additionally, they emphasized making smaller and more efficient AI systems.
  3. Offline Website and Social Media: Following Apple’s purchase, DarwinAI’s website and social media accounts have been taken offline.
  4. Former DarwinAI Employees Join AppleDozens of former DarwinAI employees have now become part of Apple’s artificial intelligence division.
  5. Alexander Wong’s RoleAlexander Wong, an AI researcher who contributed to building DarwinAI, is now a director in Apple’s AI group.
  6. Apple’s AI Ambitions: To compete with Microsoft, Google, and other players in the AI market, Apple is intensively developing AI features for its upcoming iOS 18 and macOS 15 operating systems.
  7. Generative AI Integration: Apple aims to integrate generative AI into various products, including Siri, Shortcuts, Messages, and Apple Music. These features are expected to run on-device for privacy reasons.
  8. Smaller AI Systems: DarwinAI’s expertise in creating smaller AI systems aligns with Apple’s goal of efficient on-device AI.
  9. Tim Cook’s Promise: Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has promised that the company will “break new ground” in generative AI in 2024.
  10. Unlocking Transformative Opportunities: Cook believes that generative AI will unlock transformative opportunities for Apple users.
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