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List of Companies Owned By Alphabet

List of Companies Owned By Alphabet
List of Companies Owned By Alphabet (Pixabay)

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, owns a diverse range of companies, some more well-known than others. Here’s a breakdown of some prominent ones:

Core Subsidiaries:

  • Google: The flagship company, primarily known for its search engine but also encompassing various products like Gmail, YouTube, Android, Chrome, and Google Maps.

Other Notable Subsidiaries:

  • Verily: Focuses on life sciences and healthcare, including research on aging and brain mapping.
  • Waymo: Develops self-driving car technology.
  • Wing: Works on drone delivery systems.
  • Calico: Researches longevity and age-related diseases.
  • DeepMind: Specializes in artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning.
  • CapitalG: An investment arm focused on technology startups.
  • GV (formerly Google Ventures): Another venture capital arm, primarily investing in early-stage startups.
  • Nest: Designs and manufactures smart home appliances like thermostats and smoke detectors.
  • Fitbit: Acquired in 2019, known for its fitness trackers and health-focused wearables.
  • Mandiant: Cybersecurity firm specializing in incident response and threat intelligence.


  • Alphabet owns several holding companies with complex structures, making a complete list a bit intricate.
  • Some companies owned by Google before Alphabet’s formation were later divested, like Frommers and SketchUp.
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