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Lamium amplexicaule benefits and side effects


Lamium amplexicaule belongs to the dicotyledonous plant Lamiaceae, and refers to a biennial herb mainly distributed in Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, and North America. Lamium amplexicaule, which is about 30cm tall and grows wild on wet roadsides or grasslands, is said to have been named Lamium amplexicaule because it wraps stems and blooms similarly to the clothes worn by clowns. Also called. Also, depending on the region, it is also called snot sprouts. Lamium amplexicaule is distributed in warm areas under paddy fields or fields even in midwinter, and flowers bloom in early spring and raise new shoots. Young shoots that grow in March or April are picked and seasoned, eaten as a vegetable, or used as an ingredient in soups such as bibimbap and miso soup. It is said that it is often used as a cooking ingredient after blanching it once in boiling water to remove its characteristic spicy and bitter taste. In addition, it contains all kinds of beneficial ingredients for the body, so it has been used a lot as a medicine to treat various diseases after torn and dried in summer. Now, let’s learn more about the main efficacy of Lamium amplexicaule and various information related to side effects to be aware of when ingested.

Lamium amplexicaule main benefits

1. Pain Relief

Lamium amplexicaule is known to be effective in reducing muscle, bone, and joint pain, and has been widely used to treat and improve symptoms such as bruises, muscle pain, neuralgia, joint pain, and sprains.

In addition, it helps to relieve the symptoms of numbness and paralysis in the arms and legs, and has been used as a treatment for various symptoms such as numbness and numbness of the hands and feet, quadriplegia, and facial nerve palsy.

2. Blood circulation

Lamium amplexicaule is known to have a good effect on blood circulation, which improves the flow of stagnant blood, and is said to help relieve hypertension, which is a cause of various complications as blood pressure is higher than normal. It is also said to be excellent in releasing clumping blood due to its excellent blood circulation effect. As such, it has the effect of improving the symptoms of swelling and swelling due to the accumulation of body fluids in the body tissues, and it is said to have a beneficial effect on alleviating symptoms such as menstrual irregularities.

other effects

Lamium amplexicaule to get rid of wind, meridians well through, and it is said to help with boils. In addition, it is effective in treating various diseases such as sore throat, sinusitis, tuberculous lymphadenitis, and tuberculosis.

Lamium amplexicaule side effects and how to take it

Lamium amplexicaule is not toxic and is known to have no side effects. However, long-term use may cause problems depending on the constitution, and excessive intake may cause symptoms such as diarrhea and chest pain. In addition, Lamium amplexicaule has a warm property, so it is recommended that people with a lot of heat in their constitution do not consume excessive amounts, and pregnant women are also advised to be careful about taking it.

How to eat Lamium amplexicaule As mentioned above, young leaves picked in mid-late March to mid-April can be consumed as spring greens or soup. And, put about 1L of water in 9~15g of Lamium amplexicaule and decoction, you can take it in 2~3 times a day, and you can make it in the form of a powder and take it.

It is also said that after drying well in the shade, you can brew it in hot water and drink it as a flower tea. In addition, when using Lamium amplexicaule for trauma, dry it well in the sunlight and then crush it and attach it to the wounded or fractured area, it is said that it helps a lot in helping the quick recovery.

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