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Information about Castanea crenata inner shell efficacy


Chestnut, which refers to the fruit of the chestnut tree, is in season from September to December, and it can be said that it is one of the seasonal foods that represents autumn. It has a mild taste and sweet taste, so it can be eaten raw or boiled, and is widely used as a main ingredient in various sweets, breads, porridge, rice cakes, and canned food. In addition, it contains various vitamins such as vitamins C, A, and B, as well as minerals such as high-quality protein and calcium, which are said to have various beneficial effects on the body. Especially, since the season of chestnuts is autumn, it is also an effective food for immunity and health management during the changing seasons of autumn and winter.

Chestnuts with such excellent efficacy are said to contain a large amount of active ingredients not only in the kernel but also in the peel. The inner skin between the outer skin of chestnuts and the chestnut grains is called Castanea crenata inner shell, and is known to contain various antioxidants including tannins. Due to these many health benefits, records of gastrointestinal and skin-related effects are recorded in medical books such as Donguibogam. Now, let’s learn more about the various efficacy information of Castanea crenata inner shell.

Castanea crenata inner shell main effects

1. Skin health

The most representative effect of Castanea crenata inner shell is that it has an excellent effect on skin health. It can be said that Castanea crenata inner shell’s main active ingredient is tannin, a type of phenolic compound, that removes sebum and dead skin cells and at the same time shrinks pores. It is also said to have the effect of inhibiting the growth of bacteria and preventing the formation of bacteria based on its excellent antibacterial action. Based on these various actions, it has the effect of maintaining healthy skin and soothing the skin, which is said to help alleviate various skin problems.

In addition, Castanea crenata inner shell contains a lot of vitamin C, a component with excellent antioxidant power, which helps to discharge wastes and toxins from the skin and has a good effect in removing free radicals that cause skin aging. In particular, it has been known to be more effective in the case of oily skin with excessive sebum secretion. Due to the excellent skin health promotion effect of Castanea crenata inner shell, it is widely used as a pack or soap.

2. Inhibition of inflammation

Inflammation, one of our body’s defense reactions, when produced excessively, not only causes abnormal symptoms throughout the body, but also acts as a cause of various chronic diseases when it is prolonged. Castanea crenata inner shell is said to be involved in the action of blocking the production of proteins that cause such inflammation, thereby helping to suppress excessive inflammation. It is also reported to help prevent various inflammatory diseases based on this anti-inflammatory action.

3. Gastrointestinal health

Castanea crenata inner shell is known to help strengthen the stomach and intestines as well as facilitate digestion. In addition to the effect of improving symptoms such as indigestion, it is also said to help relieve symptoms of stomach upset and frequent diarrhea. In addition, based on the aforementioned anti-inflammatory action, it also works to suppress inflammation occurring in the digestive organs such as the stomach and intestines, so it is said to help prevent inflammatory diseases related to the digestive system such as gastritis and enteritis.

4. Prevention of colds

It is said that the rich polyphenol-based antioxidants in Castanea crenata inner shell can have a good effect on improving the body’s immune function. It is said that this effect of improving the immune system helps prevent colds, which are easy to occur due to a decrease in immunity. Especially, between autumn and early winter, the season of chestnuts, the temperature difference between day and night increases and the incidence of colds increases. Drinking tea made from Castanea crenata inner shell regularly will have a beneficial effect on health management and prevention of colds in the changing season. .

Other effects and precautions

In addition to the various effects mentioned above, Castanea crenata inner shell is said to have a good effect on restoring vitality and facilitating blood circulation. In particular, it is known that the excellent rejuvenating effect is beneficial in helping with rapid recovery when consumed during recovery after illness. In addition to dementia prevention, skin whitening effect, and relieving frequent coughing symptoms, Castanea crenata inner shell is said to be the main effect of Castanea crenata inner shell.

Castanea crenata inner shell has various effects, but the main active ingredient, the astringent tannin component, acts as an astringent to contract the tissue on the mucous membrane, so it is recommended for those with severe constipation to consume in an appropriate amount. In addition, although Castanea crenata inner shell has an excellent effect on skin health, it is said that it is a good way to test and use it because there is a risk of skin troubles for people with sensitive and sensitive skin types.

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