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How to Make Money from Video Streaming

How to Make Money from Video Streaming
How to Make Money from Video Streaming (photo: pixabay)
How to Make Money from Video Streaming
How to Make Money from Video Streaming (photo: pixabay)

Video streaming on the internet is a great way to earn some extra income, or even start a full-time job doing what you love. If you love watching YouTube videos or Twitch streams, why not try creating your own channel? With so many different ways to make money from video streaming, there is bound to be an opportunity for you!

Fan Donations

This is one of the first ways that many influencers and live streamers get their money and begin to earn profits. You do need to be eligible for this through the YouTube partner program, but don’t let this stop you. If you aren’t eligible for this or you are video streaming on a different platform, you can use a third-party provider to get fan donations.

Twitch allows donations from fans to streamers. You can ask for donations for a specific cause, such as to get a new Logitech webcam, or to simply support you and your videos. Don’t forget to shout out and give thanks to those who have donated, as you are more likely to get more donations and this will keep your fans happy.


Many fans love supporting their favourite video streamers by purchasing and wearing their merchandise. If you can make some merchandise that is unique to you and your brand, you may have a good chance of selling it. This isn’t just about adding a logo to a t-shirt, but thinking up something clever and different. If you have a certain catchphrase that only your viewers would understand, adding this to a t-shirt is a better way to sell and market yourself.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing through video streaming is one of the most common ways that YouTubers get their money. To get any reasonable income from this, you do need to have a good amount of traffic. When you advertise a particular product or service and a viewer follows this link, you will get some sort of commission for every sale.

Selling something that is close to your heart, or something that makes sense to your videos, will increase the number of sales you can get. For example, if you video stream playing games, you may want to work with a company that sell controllers, or gaming chairs.


If you have a target audience or a big enough following, you can find sponsorships to make you more money when you video stream. This involves using their products, or mentioning them during your video streams. If you already use a certain brand, why not reach out to them and see if they would be interested in working with you? If you become a brand ambassador, you can make money each month doing what you love.

These are just a few ways you can make money from video streaming. This requires you to have an audience, so be sure to do your research and post regularly. Make your content fun and entertaining and remember, these things don’t happen overnight. Put in the work and you can begin earning an income from video streaming.

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