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How Did Nike Lose Stephen Curry To Under Armour?


Nike lost Stephen Curry to Under Armour in 2013 after a disastrous pitch meeting where one of their representatives mispronounced his name as “Steph-on” instead of “Steph-en” and showed a PowerPoint slide with Kevin Durant’s name on it. Curry was offered a better deal by Under Armour, which included a signature shoe and the chance to become the face of the company. Curry also denied the rumor that he left Nike because they didn’t let him write Bible verses on his shoes.

How much is Curry’s deal with Under Armour worth?

Curry’s current deal with Under Armour, which he signed in 2013, is reportedly worth $20 million USD annually and expires in 2024. However, Curry is poised to sign a lifetime contract with Under Armour worth potentially more than $1 billion, according to a report from Rolling Stone. Curry and Under Armour have also launched his own division, Curry Brand, which features footwear, apparel, and accessories.

What are some of the products under Curry Brand?

Some of the products under Curry Brand are:

Curry Flow 10 – A basketball shoe that features a rubberless UA Flow midsole for superior grip and cushioning.
Curry Sport Short Sleeve – A lightweight and breathable t-shirt with a graphic print of Curry’s signature shot.
Curry Woven 7″ Shorts – A pair of shorts with a stretchy waistband and mesh panels for comfort and ventilation.
Curry Fleece Sleeveless Hoodie – A cozy hoodie with a kangaroo pocket and a Curry Brand logo on the chest.
Curry Golf Adjustable Cap – A golf cap with a curved brim and a Curry Brand patch on the front.
UA Charged Curry Spikeless Golf Shoes – A golf shoe with a waterproof upper and a spikeless outsole for traction and stability

What Bible Verse Is On Steph Curry’s Shoe?

The Bible verse that Curry writes on his shoes is Philippians 4:13, which says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. This is his favorite verse and his mantra that motivates him to play the way he does. He has been writing this verse on his shoes since his college days at Davidson. Under Armour pre-prints this verse on the midsole of his signature shoes, but Curry also writes it himself on the front of each shoe before every game.

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