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Health anxiety symptoms and how to overcome them


Health anxiety refers to taking even the slightest discomfort in the body too seriously and accepting the sensations in the body very sensitively to suspect the onset of a disease. It is a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder in which a person thinks he or she has a serious disease while continuing to perform tests for health concerns even if there is no abnormality in the medical evaluation through the physical examination. When hyperactive obsession with health persists for more than 6 months, it is diagnosed as health anxiety, and the incidence rate is high in the age group in their 40s and 50s, when chronic diseases begin to appear gradually and concerns about health increase. Anxiety about health is said to occur in people who are very sensitive to the sensations felt in the body due to the low tolerance and threshold for pain. It can also be a cause if you have had a major illness in the past, if you have family members or people around you who are suffering from it, or if you are under extreme stress. In addition, negative emotions such as anger and failure, as well as defensive symptoms against guilt and self-deprecation, may cause health anxiety. Now, let’s learn about the main symptoms, treatment, and overcoming of health anxiety disorder. Main symptoms of health anxiety

There is a tendency to interpret health anxiety as the occurrence of a major disease even with minor symptoms. Through the health information learned through various media, they feel unrealistic fear and anxiety, thinking that their symptoms are serious diseases. In addition, even though there are no special findings as a result of the examination, it may be thought that the diagnosis is a misdiagnosis due to the lack of ability of the examiner or a problem with the examination equipment, and it may be thought that the doctor is hiding the examination result or the name of the diagnosis.

Health anxiety disorder can cause difficulties in normal daily life and social activities by wasting excessive time and energy by obsessing over physical symptoms and worrying even though the diagnosis shows that there is nothing wrong with the body. In addition, under the influence of health anxiety, depression or severe anxiety disorder may be accompanied. To treat these various symptoms, unproven folk remedies or incorrect self-treatment methods can cause problems, and radiation exposure due to continuous testing can further worsen health. How to treat and overcome health anxiety

1. Proper treatment when symptoms persist Although there is nothing wrong with the medical or neurological examination, if the obsessive thoughts persist for more than 6 months, it is highly likely that it is health anxiety, so neuropsychiatric treatment is recommended to relieve anxiety. These treatments are provided through counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy, and in the case of symptoms of depression or anxiety, drug treatment can be combined.

2. Stress management Even if health anxiety is recovered, it is very important to manage stress because it often recurs due to stress. To relieve stress properly, it is good to focus on your favorite interests and engage in hobbies. In addition, it is good to identify specific causes of stress and make efforts to improve them, and it is desirable to continue to get enough sleep, rest, and regular exercise.

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