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Enjoy Gaming: Get The Best Game Controllers


A good gaming controller is the soul of the gaming experience. The game controllers market had a big change in the past few years.

When Microsoft launched the first Xbox Elite Controller in 2015 the big question was the price at $150. Despite the high price the product was a runaway hit and the success of Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 in November 2019 further reinforced it.

As of January 2020, the Xbox Elite Series 2 is the top-selling accessory in the United States, per industry-tracking agency NPD Group. Now many new brands like Scuf and Astro have brought more value to the market. Here we are scanning some best gaming controllers, for Switch, PS4, Xbox PC, and Mac.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless

Compatible with Xbox One and PC it is in sync with the upcoming new generation Xbox consoles as well. The top features include rear inputs, swappable buttons, controls, adjustable triggers, etc.

Scuf Prestige

Most PC gamepads have high compatibility with the Xbox One like Scuf Prestige. This is well-built and is matte black finish and grippy underside. The premium look also backs up a number of striking features.

Lighter, customizable, and is easily navigable with remappable paddles. The best qualities are about the paddles and the utility soars in playing the game in a specific way.

Astro Gaming C40 TR

Astro’s C40 TR is a high-quality gamepad with buttons on the underside and is custom designed for the PlayStation 4. It offers flexibility in terms of adjusting faceplate and locations of the twin joysticks and the D-pad for finer control.

The paddles and hair triggers can be suitably configured. The longer battery is the best bet as playing PS4 games with a gamepad of 12 hours excites.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Most first-party controllers are high on user satisfaction with optimum controller jobs. As a first-party controller, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller excels with responsive and tactile properties. It must be a good investment for those using Switch in docked mode.

8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller

The 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller is a SNES-style controller with joysticks and Bluetooth. It also supports PS4, Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

Functionally, it looks as simple as a PS4 controller with the usual sticks at the bottom, flanked buttons and a directional pad. On the palm, it shows high quality as the flat profile proves perfect in retro games. Those seeking a retro gamepad for Nintendo Online will surely enjoy this.

Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a sleek machine that has broad options for gamers having difficulty in using a traditional gamepad. It is designed by Microsoft for Windows PCs and the Xbox One video game console. It helps people with disabilities to make user input for video games.

This controller has excellent compatibility with a number of buttons, switches, and foot controls. The gamepad is customized to the smallest detail.

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