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DMZ Untraceable: Chemist Location, Sattiq Cave Dead Drop


Untraceable is the final mission in Tire 2 of the legion faction missions in Call of Duty. Killing the chemist is more like a Special mission in DMZ. The untraceable mission tasks the players to collect a special weapon from a certain dead drop, killing the chemist with this weapon and returning this weapon back to the same dead drop it was picked from.

Credits: Activision, Call of Duty

This mission is a long mission consisting of multiple steps and it must be completed in one go. The task is simple: you must eliminate the special level command of the chemist. Let’s move forwards and learn how you are going to execute this mission.

Be Prepared Before You Play Untraceable

This mission includes some of the high-activity areas, especially for level 2 and level 3 bots. It is recommended to have full gear, including a level 3 armor vest, long and mid-range weapons, a medium or large backpack with self-revive, armor plates, and a lot of gas masks. Try doing this mission with a full party.

Untraceable Mission

The untraceable mission is a combination of three steps:

  • Locate the Sattiq caves dead drop and pick up the special weapon from it
  • Locate the Chemist and use the special weapon to kill the chemist
  • Return the Special weapon back to the dead drop

All steps must be done in the same deployment and if you miss a single step the mission will not be considered complete.

Locate the Sattiq Caves, Dead Drop

To begin with the Untraceable mission, first, you have to locate the Sattiq cave dead drop. As you will be picking the pre-customized weapon from this place. Dead Drop is located in the north part of the Sattiq cave complex. You can see the exact location in the image below.

Once you reach the Sattiq cave’s north entrance you can see a white and gray dumpster on the left side behind a green tent. This is the dumpster you are looking for, interact with the dumpster and you will find a weapon inside it. This weapon is an SP-X 80 Sniper custom loaded with a thermal scope and other attachments. 

Sattiq caves are one of the highly volatile areas full of AI bots and high reinforcement rates. If you will fight there for a longer time AI bots will swarm you and fighting them will consume all resources and time. So it’s better to just ignore the bots and get the gun and run towards the location of the chemist to finish the mission. 

Locate and Kill the Chemist

The chemist is one of the commanders in the DMZ and he is the easiest one to find on the map. The chemist is responsible for the radiation and he can be found inside the radiation zone. For new players you can open the map and find the radiation marker on the map, it will be a yellow marker with a hazard symbol within it. Mark this marker on your map and go there. As soon as you reach the radiation zone you can hear a system announcement saying the chemist is nearby.

To enter the radiation zone get yourself a lot of radiation masks if possible get durable ones. The radiation zone will continuously inflict damage and it’s better to have as many masks and radiation blockers as possible. Enter the radiation zones and now you have to find the chemist inside the zone.

The chemist will be wearing a bright yellow suit and is easy to locate within other bots. You must kill the chemist with the SP-X 80 Sniper you took from the dumpster. Killing it with any other gun will not work. Use the thermal scope and only two shots are needed to kill the chemist. 

Once you have killed the chemist either you can approach its body, kill other bots and pick up its gun as it is also an exclusive reward you can extract or just leave the area and complete the final step.

Note: In case you don’t hear the chemist’s warning and you are unable to find the chemist inside the radiation zone that means the chemist is already dead and you have to do this mission from the start in a new deployment.

Return the Special Weapon Back to the Dead Drop

Now when you have killed the chemist you must return the SP-X 80 sniper back to the dumpster you picked it from. This mission is completed only when you return the gun back to the Sattiq cave dead drop. 

Wrap up

Missions in DMZ are exciting as they keep players busy fighting AI and with other players. Untraceable is Tier 2 last mission of the Legion faction which gives the faction exclusive rewards.

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