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Colostrum protein benefits and side effects


Colostrum refers to milk that is produced within 5 days after a healthy cow gives birth to a calf. In the case of humans, substances that constitute the immune system are delivered to the fetus through the placenta, whereas in cattle, when they eat colostrum after birth, they receive the substances that constitute the main immune system. Colostrum contains much more protein than normal milk that is squeezed after 5 days of delivery, as well as immunoglobulin (lgG), growth factor (lgF-1), and lactoferrin. It is known to have an excellent effect on production, growth and development.

In fact, when comparing statistics based on the mortality rate of cattle, it is reported that calves that do not consume colostrum have a mortality rate of 10%, whereas in calves fed colostrum, the mortality rate is reduced to about 5%. Now, let’s check in more detail about the main effects of colostrum protein and the side effects to be aware of when ingesting it.

Colostrum protein main effects

1. Immunity enhancement

The most representative effect of colostrum protein is that it enhances the immune function, which can be called the shield of our body. This excellent immune-boosting effect of colostrum is because it contains various types of antibodies that protect our body from various viruses and pathogens. Immunoglobulin, a representative antibody, is a protein that induces essential immune functions in the body through interaction with other elements of the immune system. Colostrum contains about 80 times more than normal milk. It is known.

In addition, lactoferrin and growth factors, which are the main components of colostrum, prevent infection by external viruses and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. is said to do.

2. Gut health

Another representative effect of colostrum protein is the effect of improving intestinal health through improvement of intestinal function. In particular, since 70-80% of the body’s immune cells are in the intestine, it can be said to be the most directly related organ to the aforementioned immunity. Lactoferrin, one of the main components of colostrum protein, plays a role in creating an environment so that beneficial bacteria such as Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus, which help improve intestinal function, can actively proliferate, as well as inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria and pathogenic E. coli. It is said to help promote intestinal health and prevent the occurrence of various intestinal-related diseases through its action. In addition, the abundant immunoglobulin in colostrum neutralizes intestinal bacteria and toxins and at the same time helps the excretion to the outside, as well as promotes the growth and regeneration of intestinal mucosa cells by a large amount of growth factors to strengthen the intestinal wall and improve the overall intestinal health. It is said to be effective for health management.

3. Muscle building

Under the influence of growth hormones, including growth factors such as lgF-1, which are abundant in colostrum protein, it helps to synthesize proteins, and is effective in promoting muscle growth and preventing muscle loss. According to one study, adult males and females aged 18 to 35 years of age were asked to consume different milk protein and colostrum protein after exercise for about 8 weeks. Those who consumed it were said to have lost fat and increased muscle mass. Due to these various effects, colostrum protein is widely used as a functional food that athletes consume a lot. In addition, the abundant growth hormone and growth factors in colostrum protein are known to have beneficial effects on the skeletal and growth development of children.

4. Anti-aging

The abundant growth factors and growth hormones in colostrum protein are known to have good effects not only for children in the growth stage, but also for middle-aged and older adults. Growth hormone, which is continuously secreted from the body during the growth stage, decreases by about 14% every year starting in the 20s, and decreases by about 20% in the 60s compared to the 20s. In addition, this decrease in growth hormone causes bone loss and a decrease in muscle mass, which is the main factor that accelerates the aging process. With the help of abundant growth factors and growth hormones in colostrum protein, it is said to be beneficial in preventing and delaying aging by helping to maintain homeostasis in the body, improve the elasticity of blood vessels, and regenerate the skin.

Other benefits and side effects

The rich growth factor in colostrum protein is known to be involved in the rapid decomposition of ingested food, promoting fat burning, and at the same time increasing basal metabolic rate to reduce visceral fat accumulated in the body. In addition, the abundant lactoferrin component also improves fat metabolism and suppresses the accumulation of visceral fat, which is said to be effective in controlling body weight. In addition, it is reported that it not only helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by inhibiting the increase of cholesterol in blood vessels by the growth hormone rich in colostrum protein, but also helps to block the penetration of allergens that cause allergies into the intestine. is becoming

It is a colostrum protein with various effects, but due to the characteristics of dairy products, people with lactose intolerance who have difficulty digesting lactose may experience various symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating, and indigestion. . In addition, even if you are not lactose intolerant, it is recommended to consume in moderation within the limit of 20g, which is known as the appropriate intake, because excessive consumption can cause side effects such as diarrhea.

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