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Can you hear the Earth rotating?

Can you hear the Earth rotating?
Can you hear the Earth rotating? (Pixabay)

The Earth has always been rotating and is always rotating.

But there is no sound at all when the earth moves.

What could be the reason?!

Why there is no sound when the Earth rotates

1. There is no air in space.

In order to hear sound, there must be a material that can transmit sound.

On Earth, that’s air.

When you pluck a guitar string, the guitar string moves and vibrates. The movement of this guitar string causes the air to vibrate. In other words, in order to produce sound, the air must vibrate.

But there is no air like this in the universe.

That is, there is no material that can transmit sound.

2. As the Earth rotates, the air moves as well as people rotate.

The Earth’s rotation speed is very fast. It is slightly different depending on the location, but at the fastest equator, it is rotating at a high speed of 463 m/s. The winds of a large typhoon are about 50 m/s. (Earth’s orbital speed is 30 km/s!)

But why is the wind not blowing at 463 m/s? When we are in a car, we are still, but in reality we are moving.

Like this, when the Earth is spinning, we do not feel it, but we are spinning as well. Not only people rotate, but all matter rotates together. Of course, air is also included in it.

How to hear the sound of the earth?!

The sound below is said to be the sound made when the Earth rotates.

It is not an actual sound, but the sound produced when the ‘radio wave’ received from the satellite is used as a computer and converted into ‘sound wave’.

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