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(Patch 6.08) The Best Valorant Agents to Use in the Current Meta!

Best agents for valorant patch 6.07
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Valorant can be difficult if someone doesn’t know which agents to use and when to use them. So, if you are also tired of losing matches in Ranked, then look no further than this guide!

Almost every patch comes with some buffs and nerfs, and it can indeed be challenging to keep up with the latest trends. But fear not, as we have compiled a list of the best Valorant agents in the current meta from each category.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just stuck in the iron rank, these agents will give you the edge to dominate your opponents and climb up quickly. So get ready, soldiers! It’s time to learn about the top agents that will help you secure victory in the game!

Best Valorant Agents: Duelists

The main purpose of duelists in Valorant is to initiate fights and take down opponents quickly. You’ll often find yourself being the first one to engage the enemy team as a duelist, thanks to the mobility, speed, and high damage output of your agent.

The two best duelists are:

1. Jett

Valorant agent: Jett

Jett is a fierce duelist in Valorant, and you want her on your team. She’s super speedy and can zoom around the map like nobody’s business.

Jett’s best move is Updraft. It lets her jump high, which is cool if you ask me. Plus, it’s handy when she’s attacking or defending. On top of all this, she can dodge incoming enemy fire with some quick movement.

Jett’s ultimate ability, Blade Storm, is equally impressive. This ability equips her with multiple throwing knives that significantly damage enemies. Imagine time running out and your team is 7-6 down; now is the moment for Jett to clutch the game with her ULT!

2. Reyna

Valorant agent: Reyna

Another standout choice for Valorant’s Duelist agents is Reyna. With her unique abilities that focus on gaining health and power from defeating enemies, she’s a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Leer is undoubtedly one of Reyna’s most valuable abilities in Valorant. This powerful skill sends out a destructible eye that can blind enemies, making them easy targets for Reyna and her teammates.

Reyna’s ultimate ability, Empress, takes her abilities to a whole new level. It boosts her speed, increases her firing rate, and allows her to reload faster. And with the ability to switch between guns quickly, Reyna becomes a deadly threat that can take on multiple enemies at once.

Best Valorant Agents: Sentinels

Sentinels play a crucial role in the game as the team’s backbone. They are mainly responsible for holding the objectives and protecting their teammates. Their abilities provide early warning and help defend against enemy attacks.

Here are my best picks for Sentinels:

1. Killjoy

Valorant agent: Killjoy

Killjoy is a seasoned agent in the Sentinels category. She can set up traps, turrets, and grenades to hinder the progress of the enemies.

Killjoy’s ultimate “Lockdown” basically freezes or immobilizes the enemy team by creating a big and wide area. Any opponent walking in the area will be able to do nothing but walk at an extremely low speed. for 8 seconds.

But Killjoy isn’t just about immobilizing her enemies. She uses Turret, which can damage opponents and, again, slow them down to make it easier for her team to take them out.
Her Nanoswarm grenade can also create a lethal zone that damages any enemy entering

It’s like a “no-entry” zone for foes.

2. Cypher

Valorant agents: Cypher

Cypher is a master of gathering intel and setting traps for the enemy team. His ability to strategically place cameras around the map is one of his most useful tools. These cameras are difficult to spot for unsuspecting enemies.

But Cypher’s abilities don’t stop there. He can also set tripwires that alert his team to enemy attacks. These tripwires can be placed in chokepoints or other high-traffic areas, catching enemies off guard and giving Cypher and his team a chance to strike.

However, perhaps one of Cypher’s most impressive abilities is his neural theft. The ability allows him to instantly utilize an Intel ability on the deceased body of any enemy agent.

Best Valorant Agents: Initiators

Initiators are agents designed to create openings for their team by initiating fights or getting an eye on enemy positions. They can reveal hidden opponents, stun or slow them, and disrupt their defenses.

Here are the top initiators in Valorant:

1. Sova

Valorant agent: Sova

Sova is a Russian agent whose abilities revolve around gathering information on enemy locations. He can fire a recon bolt to fire three arrows that travel across the map and reveal enemies in their path.

Sova’s ability to gather information on the rival team is unparalleled. He can track their movements with his owl drone, providing valuable insights about enemy spots and strategies to his team.

But Sova is more than just a spy!

He can also deal significant damage to enemies with his arsenal of weapons. This includes his powerful Hunter’s Fury ultimate ability, which unleashes a series of deadly blasts to take down multiple enemies simultaneously.

2. Skye

Valorant agent: Skye

Skye can be termed an all-around agent at Valorant. She can collect critical information about hostiles’ locations and disorganize enemy movements. These details are invaluable for planning attacks and setting up ambushes.

Skye’s Guiding Light is one of the most versatile abilities in the game. It allows her to throw a hawk that can reveal enemy positions and blind them. And of course, this makes it an excellent tool for scouting ahead or creating opportunities for her team.

But what makes Skye truly stand out is her ultimate ability, Seekers. With this, she can send out a pack of three seekers that track down the nearest enemy players.

Best Valorant Agents: Controllers

Controllers are designed to create zones of control on the map, whether it’s by obscuring vision or blocking off certain areas. They can also deny access to objectives and decrease enemy movement.

Here are the best picks for in-game controllers:

1. Viper

Valorant agent: Viper

Another top-tier controller is Viper. Although playing her requires more careful planning and execution than some of the other Controllers, Viper’s abilities can completely shut down areas of the map, making her an invaluable asset to any team.

Viper’s Poison Cloud ability is a powerful tool that can create a toxic zone on the map, which lets the enemies push through it but not without taking damage!

Additionally, her Toxic Screen ability can block off entire pathways, forcing enemies to take alternate routes and slowing down their progress.

What’s more? Viper’s Snake Bite ability can deal damage over time and create a slowdown effect, making the enemies struggle to escape quickly.

2. Omen

Valorant agent: Omen

Omen is a resourceful controller that is also a bit unpredictable. With the ability to teleport around the map, Omen can constantly threaten the enemy team, keeping them on their toes at all times.

Omen’s Dark Cover ability is another great one to equip to your advantage. By creating a smoke screen, Omen can obscure the enemy’s vision, making it difficult for them to see and engage with your team.

Furthermore, Omen’s Paranoia ability can temporarily blind enemies in a wide area, making it difficult for them to aim and shoot.


It wasn’t very in-depth, but still, that’s all you need to know about the best Valorant agents in the current Patch 6.08. The teams in the current meta have 1 controller, 1 or 2 initiators, 1 or 2 sentinels, and 2 duelists. Make sure you select your squad accordingly!

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