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4 Types of TikTok Video Content Ideas for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Image courtesy of Plann
Image courtesy of Plann

The benefits of TikTok from a digital marketing strategy standpoint are undeniable; access to a younger demographic, viral potential, creative freedom are just a few examples. Thus, more and more brands are leveraging the unique features of the platform by creating content that resonates with users to establish a strong presence on TikTok that drives engagement and conversions.

Since it’s not a simple matter of recording any video to reap these benefits, here are some video content ideas for your professional TikTok account.


A significant number of people use TikTok as a source of information on a wide range of topics; news, politics, technical SEO, beauty, science, health, movies and tv shows, etc.

This is attributable to the platform’s short-form video format and user-generated content that means that people can share information in a quick, engaging, and easily digestible way so that tutorials are one of the most popular forms of content on the platform. Thus a digital marketing strategy for a professional TikTok account should definitely include tutorial video content ideas as this type of video is how you can establish your brand as an authority in an industry or niche to a wide audience that will ultimately increase engagement and drive traffic to your website or other online platforms.

This can be done in a variety of ways, including step-by-step tutorials that show how to use your product or service, or tips and tricks related to navigating your industry or profession.

Creative Storytelling

There are millions of TikTok creators competing for video engagement on any given day and boring videos rarely if ever get more than a handful of views. On the other hand, videos that incorporate creative storytelling, when done well, mean building an emotional connection with users by sparking feelings of empathy, inspiration, or even humor that often lead to increased engagement.

To achieve this, include in your marketing strategy video ideas that focus on creating a clear concise narrative, and using visual and audio elements to enhance the story to deliver a final video message. You also want to experiment with different formats, such as a series, to keep content fresh and engaging.

Daily Routine

Another popular type of TikTok video is daily routine videos as it’s an engaging way to connect with TikTokers while also promoting your brand, products, or services.

When planning out this type of video for your marketing strategy, keep in mind that sharing your personality and being authentic is as important as incorporating your brand’s values, products, or services into the videos. You also want to keep things visually interesting by using creative visuals such as time-lapse, animations to keep your routine or workflow engaging.

Viral Challenges

Participating in viral video challenges is one of the easiest ways to incorporate TikTok’s culture of creativity and entertainment into your digital marketing strategy with benefits including increased brand likability and reach.

Start by keeping an eye on trending hashtags and challenges. Then, create your own spin that aligns with your brand’s values such as collaborating with influencers that share your values.

Overall for your TikTok digital marketing strategy, keep your videos short, interesting, and authentic to engage with TikTokers. Use popular hashtags and music to increase your reach and visibility on the platform as well.

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