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Valorant: 7 Best Agents for Dominating the Split Map in 2023

Best Valorant Agents for Split

Split is one of the trickiest maps to play in Valorant. It is known for its complexity, with various entry points and a ton of angles to clear. Even in competitive tournaments, it is rare to see teams choose this map.

It’s a defense (CT)-sided map, but it poses difficulties for both sides. However, with the right agents and strategies, you can dominate and win here.

So, to help you out, we are going to discuss in detail the best Valorant agents for both attack and defense, as well as some tips to help your team succeed in Split.

1. Jett (Duelist)

Agent Jett for Split map in Valorant

Jett is a fearsome agent who is expected to be aggressive. She can use her dash and smoke to enter a site pretty quickly and confuse the defending team while your team gets in.

This makes her an essential pick as an entry-level fragger.

Defense: If you have enough money, then buying a Jett operator is a great investment. Since Jett is a duelist, she should try to get the first blood and support the team with her smoke.

Her best defense is the offense. Only a skilled and confident player should be playing Jett, as you cannot completely depend on your abilities.

Attack: Jett’s main purpose is to enter-frag for the team and take as many fights as possible. You could smoke on-site and dash into the smoke to distract the enemy while your team gets on the site.

With her updrafts, you can take higher angles to gain an advantage over the enemy team.

2. Raze (Duelist)

Agent Raze for Split map in Valorant

Raze is a great substitute for Jett on Split and is therefore second on the Best Valorant agents list for this map. Raze’s abilities allow her to clear out corners and deal heavy damage to enemies.

Her Satchel can be used to reach high-up areas or quickly get away from danger.

Defense: At the start of the round, you can place your Boom Bot at the main entrance to check for enemies.

It will travel straight down the entrance and look for enemies. In the meantime, you can use your nade to hold their push and damage them beforehand.

Attack: On attack, again, you can use Boom Bot to find enemy locations and either Satchel onto them or use your ultimate.

Raze’s grenade is a great option to clear out tight corners and damage enemies at the same time.

3. Skye (Initiator)

Agent Skye for Split map in Valorant

Skye is another great choice for attacking on Split. Her abilities allow her to gather information on enemy positions with her Bird and Flashes.

Her ultimate makes spotting the enemy easier and helps you rotate faster. She can also heal her teammates with her healing ability, making her a viable support role.

Defense: Using her Dog at the start will give you information on how many enemies are getting into the site and stun them as well.

Skye’s flashes can be used to blind enemies who are pushing to attack. This will give your team an advantage in preparing a defense.

Attack: Skye’s dog can be used to clear out the corners before pushing in and potentially stunning them.

You can also flash on entry making sure nobody is peeking at your team when you guys get in.

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4. Astra (Controller)

Agent Astra

Astra is another great option for defending as a smoker on Split and makes it to this list of the best Valorant agents for this map.

Her abilities allow her to control areas of the map with smoke and stars, making it difficult for the enemy team to push.

Her ultimate can also be used to quickly rotate between sites and catch the enemy off guard.

Defense: Astra’s Nebula can be used to disorient enemies pushing through a site.

Depending on which site you’re defending, place a smoke at the entrance of the site and keep the remaining abilities safe until the need to plant comes.

You can also use Gravity Well paired up with Raze’s nade to damage any enemy stuck in your ability.

Attack: Astra’s smoke can be used to cut off any peeking positions for the defenders, giving your team an advantage when going on-site.

Additionally, placing her pulling abilities on the spike can delay the diffuse.

5. Sage (Sentinel)

Agent Sage

Sage is always a valuable asset to any team. Her healing can be quite valuable in tense situations.

Furthermore, her ultimate can revive your teammate, making the opposition fight an extra player.

Defense: Sage’s Slow Orb can be used to slow down enemies pushing through the main. This will quickly give your team a chance to hit them with everything they’ve got.

You can either wall mid to save yourself from enemy lurkers or use it to diffuse the spike.

Attack: Sage’s wall can be used to block off a place completely, which you can use to plant the spike or to enter the site.

Moreover, after the plant, you can use slow orbs on the spike to slow the enemy down and hear their footsteps.

6. Viper (Controller)

Agent Viper

Viper can control areas of the map with her toxic screen and snakebite. Her ultimate, Viper’s Pit, can create a zone of poison gas that damages enemies and gives your team visibility.

Defense: Viper’s Toxic Screen can be used to block off and slow down enemy pushes. You can also use Snakebite to deal damage to enemies pushing through the screen.

Viper’s smoke (poison cloud) is also a great tool to gain an advantage over the opposition.

Attack: Viper’s Poison Cloud is beneficial to control the site entrance. You can then control the cloud to cover the entrance and force the defenders to use their utilities.

Also, Toxic Screen can be used to split the site in your favor.

7. Cypher (Sentinel)

Agent Cypher

Last but definitely not least, we have Cypher on our Best Valorant agents list for Split.

Cypher’s abilities allow him to set up traps and cameras that provide valuable intel on enemy positions. His cam can even tag enemies for a short period of time, giving your team an extra edge.

Defense: Cypher’s Trips can be used to catch enemies pushing through the main. Combining trips and cages, Cypher’s setup can be deadly for attackers.

A good Cypher can easily hold a site on his own.

Attack: Cypher’s Spycam can be used to scout out the site before pushing in.

After your team gets in, you can use a trip to catch anyone flanking and use a cage to help the team plant the spike as well.

Strategies for Split Map in Valorant

Now that we know what each of the agents can do, we can devise a strategy for attack and defense.

1. Tips for Attacking on Split

When attacking on Split, it’s important to communicate with your team and coordinate your abilities with theirs.

For example, Raze can satchel fast into the site, or Jett can smoke on the site and then dash into the smoke, while Skye can support Flash for the team.

With Viper’s wall already covering half the site and Cypher holding the flank, Sage can easily plant and wall CT to block off the enemy.

After the plant, Cypher can use his camera to see whether the spike is being diffused, and Astra can use her astral abilities to delay the diffusion for as long as possible.

2. Tips for Defending on Split

When defending, it’s important to hold onto your positions and angles and again, communicate with your team.

Cypher can use his traps and cameras to keep an eye on the enemy team, while Viper can control the map with her toxic screen and smoke.

Both Viper and Cypher can hold the whole site on their own, and they are better when playing B.

Astra’s smoke and stars can also be used to control the site, and her pulling ability can slow down enemy plants.

Sage can use her wall to block off entry points and keep the enemy team at bay, while also healing her team when necessary.

Sage’s ideal position is to play mid and make walls there as well.


Several Valorant agents can prove to be effective and best on Split. Each of them has their own unique abilities and strategies.

Raze can be a strong pick for her ability to clear out tight spaces with her explosives, and Jett can use her mobility and quick entrances. Meanwhile, Skye can provide valuable intel and crowd control.

Both Cypher and Viper are efficient at locking down areas and controlling the battlefield. Similarly, Astra can provide powerful support to her team with her cosmic abilities.

Ultimately, the best agents for you and your team will depend on your playstyle and the strategies you want to use.


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