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Angel 65% Keyboard Review – A Seamless Pin-mount Board for Gamers

Front view of the Angel 65% gaming keyboard
Credits: Thinkkwer

If you’re a gamer looking for a compact keyboard that gives a great gaming experience, then this Angel 65% keyboard review is for you. This seamless pin-mount board is an exceptional choice for FPS, RPG, Sports, MOBA, and any other games.

Its design, build quality, user experience, stability, MX switches, PBT keycaps, 6° typing angle, and other features make it the go-to choice for gamers. Go through the complete breakdown below if you are in search of a fine 65% gaming board.

Angel 65% Keyboard – An Honest Review

The Angel 65% keyboard is a great performer whether you’re gaming, typing, or programming. It has the pin-mounting style which will soon become the standard for mechanical keyboards.

Back view of the Angel 65% gaming keyboard
Credits: Thinkkwer

On top of that, its 6° typing angle makes it easier for the users to type compared to a flat board. Moreover, it possesses the Prophet Design Language, meaning pressing every key will provide the same tactile feedback.

You can also choose between the Winkey and WinKeyLess (WKL) tops. The former will include the Windows Key, while the latter won’t. It’s a matter of personal preference.

The keyboard has a USB-C cable, and there’s an option to program the board with the QMK firmware.

Reddit, geekhack, and other communities love the Angel 65 keyboard, and below you’ll find out why.

Build Quality

The Angel 65% keyboard comes with an aluminum case, which makes it strong and durable for a long time. Its PCB has a matte black color and looks great on the eye.

As for the plate of the keyboard, it’s made of polypropylene and has an ANSI full layout. You also get rubber feet that hold the keyboard in place.

We know gaming can be tense sometimes. Gamers often don’t realize how hard they are pressing the keys. But since Angel has a robust case and plate, you won’t need to worry about the keys getting broken.

Switch Type

There are two switch options to choose from. You can either select the Gateron or the MX switches. Both of them have good tactile feedback and response. The keyboard has PBT keycaps that have a long-lasting shine and texture, making them superior to ABS.

Some gamers like the keys to have a higher decibel rating, while others like a quieter keyboard. You get both options with the Angel 65% keyboard. Gateron switches are more smooth and make less noise, while Cherry MX switches have a comparatively louder actuation.


The keyboard has RGB lighting for keys as well as backlighting. The former can be customized using the keyboard’s firmware. The backlighting makes it convenient to use the keyboard even in a low-light environment.

Mostly, the gaming room has a dark theme with dim lighting. In such a scenario, having RGB and backlights on your keyboard helps a lot in identifying which keys to press.


You won’t feel any fatigue even while using the keyboard for hours due to its 6° typing angle. The Angel 65 is not like every other flat keyboard. Its unconventional typing angle makes it easier for the users to type or play games without any strain.

You won’t need to hold the keyboard at a specific angle or have to adjust it every now and then for inclination. The 6° angle guarantees stress-free gaming.

User Experience

It’s a pleasing experience using this keyboard. The PBT keycaps, Gateron and MX switches, the feel and sound of keys, the 6° typing angle, high durability, customization options, gaming performance, and other features make up an exceptional user experience, especially while gaming.


The Angel 65 keyboard falls in the high price range. You can get it for $470, €360, or S$549.00 at the moment. That being said, you won’t regret spending the money after using the board and winning some games.

1st Hand Testing – Using Angel 65% Keyboard for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

We tested the Angel 65% keyboard by playing the most popular game on Steam. More often than not, people buy 65% keyboards to play shooting games like Call of Duty, CS:GO, PUBG, and others. Therefore, it was best to test Angel with one of them.

Angel 65% keyboard for FPS games
Credits: Thinkkwer

As expected, the keys responded quickly, and the feel of them was excellent. Besides, you could easily and quickly move around the keyboard without having to look at it every time.

Your gaming experience will double once your muscle memory has been trained. We tried both WSAD and Arrow keys for movement, and they were equally good.

To sum up, Angel 65 performed really well while playing CS:GO, and you’ll get the same result with other games as well.

FAQs – Angel 65% Keyboard

Where to Buy Angel 65% Keyboard?

You can purchase the Angel 65% keyboard from Cannon Keys if you are in the United States. European residents can get it from MyKeyboard. If you are in the SEA region, head over to ilumkb.

In the UK, KeebCats is providing the Angel keyboard. Lastly, people in Canada can buy the board from ApexKeyboards.

Is the Angel 65% Keyboard compatible with Mac?

The Angel 65% keyboard is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can easily use it with any of these operating systems. It is a plug-and-play keyboard with a USB-C cable that you can connect anywhere. There won’t be any need to install specific drivers for the keyboard to operate.

Moreover, it can be connected via Bluetooth. Thanks to its Bluetooth version 5.1, you can use the Angel Keyboard with three devices at once.

How Angel 65% is better than other mechanical keyboards?

The Angel 65% keyboard has a solid aluminum structure that makes it more durable. Secondly, it is not flat like many other keyboards but rather has a 6° typing angle, which makes it easier to type.

Furthermore, as opposed to the traditional screw-in style, you get a unique pin mounting. Lastly, there are not many keyboards that can compete with the Angel 65% in this price range when it comes to the gaming experience.


The Angel 65% keyboard surely packs a punch. Whether it be a great user experience, high build quality, vast customization, or performance, the Angel 65 board has got you covered. It is bound to last for years thanks to its polypropylene plate, aluminum case, and pin-mounting style.

If you’re a gamer, programmer, or just an everyday worker looking for a compact keyboard with high functionality, the Angel 65 is a fine choice.

Meta Description: Here is the complete Angel 65% keyboard review. The seamless pin-mount keyboard is built for gamers, programmers, and typists.

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