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Minecraft Legends: How to Find Coal? (It’s not like Minecraft)

how to find coal in minecraft legends
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Wondering how to find more coal in Minecraft Legends to stop endlessly digging through the earth with hopelessness? Fear not, fellow adventurer, for I have some tips to make finding coal a breeze.

Coal is an essential resource in Minecraft Legends, as it is needed to create some state-of-the-art structures and defense towers. Without this block, defending the villages and fighting against the Piglins will become near impossible.

In this article, I will share some helpful tips on where to find coal, how to mine it efficiently, and what to do with it once you’ve found it. So grab your pickaxe, put on your mining helmet, and start our quest!

Where to Find Coal in Minecraft Legends?

To find coal in large quantities, you need to look into the Meadow and Badland biomes. Players should search for formations resembling stone veins with dark particles scattered throughout.

Meadow biome in Minecraft Legends
Meadow biome (Credits: SpookyFairy)

Players can mine and collect the coal veins they find by instructing the Allays. Coal veins are quite common in these biomes, so players should keep their eyes peeled while exploring.

Badland biome in Minecraft Legends
Badland biome (Credits: SpookyFairy)

You can hover over the map to check what resources each biome contains. Wherever you find coal, go there and start harvesting it.

But wait! It’s not like how you could do it in Minecraft.

In Minecraft Legends, the mechanics and gameplay are different. Here, you need to do some specific tasks in order to acquire the coal blocks. Moreover, they are not used for building torches or stoves in Legends, as they were in the previous version.

How to Get Coal in Minecraft Legends?

Once players have found coal veins, they need to gather coal. To begin with, a player must go back to the Well of Fate to create the Improvement, i.e., Gather Coal Melody near an Improvement Hub.

Improvement: Gather coal melody

Now, building this Improvement will cost 100 stone and 100 prismarine. So, make sure your backpack is filled with these two.

After building the improvement structure next to the Well of Fate, Gather Coal Melody will start to show up in your book, and coal will appear in the wild.

At this point, you have to command the Allays to collect the coal. The Allays will start mining coal, and players can collect it from them. The more Allays players have to work for them, the faster they can gather coal.

What can you do with Coal in Minecraft Legends?

One of the main uses of coal is to spawn creeper allies, which are potent mobs that can be used to destroy Piglin structures. Players need to gather 5 coal blocks coupled with 25 stone and 25 wood to build a Creeper Spawner.

Besides, each creeper will take 2 coal blocks, 2 Lapis, and a single Flame of Creation to spawn.

creeper spawner

Once this structure is built, you can sweep away the enemies without any problem. Creepers are a must-have to fight against the army of Piglins.

However, make sure that you have a lot of building material to spawn them in quantity. Nevertheless, even a few will be enough for attack and defense.

Furthermore, as players upgrade their Gather Coal Melody, they will find coal more easily in village chests across all biomes.

Scatter tower, protector tower, and kaboomery in Minecraft Legends

This makes it much easier to acquire coal and use it for building Scatter Tower, Protector Tower, and Kaboomery, which require coal as a building material. These structures provide crucial protection against raids by Piglin bases and other enemies.

In short, getting coal in Minecraft Legends is crucial for being able to succeed on both the offensive and defensive fronts.


So, this was all about how to find and use coal in Minecraft Legends. Coal is a valuable resource in the game and indispensable for creating advanced structures and defense buildings. Players can find coal in the Meadow and Badland biomes, where coal veins are abundant.

Players should build the Improvement: Gather Coal Melody to gather coal efficiently and command the Allays to collect the blocks for them.

Once they have gathered coal, they can go on their merry way to build and level up their buildings and towers. Following these tips, players can maximize their coal reserves and enjoy a more fulfilling gaming experience.

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