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All About the Tactical Nuke in Warzone 2.0


Are you ready to unlock the pinnacle of all achievements in Warzone 2.0? Only the best players have managed to unlock The Tactical Nuke. As it will instantly win you the game no matter if you are in the multiplayer mode or battle royale.

The iconic and legendary Nuke from Call of Duty modern warfare 2 is now available in Warzone 2.0. It is said to be the most potent killstreak that ever existed and the rewards it will get you are exciting. 

It is a pretty difficult task to finish but the rewards are worth it. If you are ready to Nuke the map this guide will help you achieve your goal.

Credits: Activision, Call of Duty

“It’s time to see some fireworks”

How to call the Tactical Nuke in Warzone 2.0

The only prerequisite to unlocking the Nuke quest also known as the Champions Quest Contract is by getting five consecutive wins. Winning five matches in a row is itself a huge achievement in Warzone. Once you have the five consecutive wins in your sixth match you can finally get the Champions Quest contract.

Note: It is recommended to play in Squads to do this mission.

Credits: Call of Duty MWII

Champions Quest Contract/ Nuke Contract

In your Sixth match, you will see the new objective contract labeled “Champions Quest”. In the Warzone map, you will have three Warzone logos in yellow. These will be located near each other and you can choose any one of them and go there to activate the contract.

After reaching the location grab the classified briefcase to initiate the quest. This quest will require you to collect the material and assemble the nuke. Remember you have to complete it within the match time limit.

Note: It is recommended to use a helicopter to do this quest, as you will be traveling around the map to collect material.

Locating the Nuclear Material

After initiating the quest now you can see the marked location of the Nuclear material needed to assemble the nuke. On the top left corner of the screen, you can see three icons representing three elements needed for a nuke. 

The material markers will appear on the map as their bars fill up. As soon as a marker appears you have to go there and collect the material. Remember that all of these materials have their negative effects which will affect the player carrying them.

The next location of the material will be revealed after you have picked the first material. You will also have to wait for the bar to fill up before the next location appears on your map.

The First Material is Beryllium:

 Which works as a tracking device and will put a marker on you. The player carrying Beryllium will be visible to everyone in the lobby with a golden marker on the map.

The Second Material is Plutonium: 

The player carrying the Plutonium will suffer a radiation leak, which will continuously inflict damage to the player. Plutonium damage will also be applied to nearby players.

The Third Element is Tritium: 

The effects of Tritium will affect your radar. It works like a jammer and scrambles your radar. 

Arm the Nuke

After collecting the nuke material, the location of the nuke will appear on your map. You will have to wait for the countdown before you can assemble the nuke. The location of the nuke is usually near the last material site. However, it’s hard to assemble the nuke as the game will initiate the jailbreak sequence. Where all the dead players will be redeployed on the map.

After reaching the location of the nuke you will have to arm the nuke with nuclear materials. As soon as the nuke is armed a timer of 2 minutes will initiate before the nuke is detonated. The location of the nuke will be revealed to the whole lobby.

Defend Your Nuke

Players will come rushing to your location to defuse the nuke. You have to defend the nuke for 2 minutes as it takes 30 seconds to disarm the nuke. Defending the nuke till the end will earn you the most stylish victory and rewards.

Rewards for Champions Quest

In Warzone 2 getting skins is a tough job and especially when it comes to the nuke skin. Pull this quest off and you will earn special rewards.

  • Victory Screen “Champions Domination”
  • Faction operator skin
  • Calling card
  • Emblem
  • Weapon charm boom box
  • Weapon radioactive sticker
  • Nuke skin
  • Blueprints of guns

Are you Worried About Getting Nuked Every Game?

Those players who are worried that lobbies will be ruined by tactical nukes don’t have to worry that much. As the conditions of starting and completing the quest are not so easy to pull off. There are chances that you will never face this situation or face it once.

If someone fulfills all the above conditions and acquires the nuke you just have to give it your all to stop the explosion.

Wrap up

Tactical nuke is the new way of getting more kills and building a kill stream in the Warzone. However, it requires skilled players, favorable game conditions, and five wins in a row just to start the quest. Arming the nuke itself is a tough job as you will be targeted by other players continuously. Cherry on the top is the jailbreak which makes it even harder for the players defending the nuke. All this effort is worth it as the rewards are unique and the screen of champions domination.

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