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7 Foods That Are Surprisingly High In Calorie


One of the most important things to pay attention to when controlling your weight is how many calories each food contains. It can be said that the most important part of a healthy diet is to properly control the intake of high-calorie foods such as meat and to eat vegetables and fruits, which are generally low in calories, in harmony. Due to this thought, foods that are not considered high in calories are often consumed in large amounts with a relaxed mind. However, there are some foods that are thought to be low in calories and are surprisingly high in calories, which can lead to weight gain. So today, let’s take a look at some of the foods that are surprisingly high in calories.

Foods that are surprisingly high in calories

1. Sushi

The first food that is surprisingly high in calories is sushi, which is served with sashimi on rice. It is easy to think that sushi is low in calories because it is made from seafood such as fish. However, the rice itself in sushi is high in calories, and it is said that the calories increase due to the influence of salt, sugar, vinegar, etc., which are added to give the rice a proper taste. In addition, if you make high-calorie seafood such as eel or shrimp as ingredients, the calories will increase even more. said to be good.

2. Ionic drinks and sports drinks

It is easy to think that ionic drinks and sports drinks consumed to replenish the water and electrolytes discharged through sweat during exercise are low in calories compared to carbonated drinks and fruit juices. However, these ionic drinks usually contain about 5 to 7 sugar cubes in a bottle, so they can be said to be high in calories.

In addition, vitamin water, which is consumed a lot not only for ionic drinks, but also for replenishing vitamins that are easily lacking, contains about 6 sugar cubes per bottle, so it is recommended to be careful about intake while controlling weight.

3. Dried Fruit

Fruits that contain a variety of vitamins and minerals are generally low in calories, so they help you lose weight. However, during the drying process of the fruit, the moisture is lost, but the sugar remains. Therefore, even if it is the same amount as before drying, it can be said that the number of calories increases even more because the sugar is increased. In the case of bananas, it is about 90Kcal per 100g before drying, but after drying, it increases to about 520Kcal per 100g. In addition, if a fruit that is not sweet is dried in the form of dried fruit, sugar may be added during the drying process to add sweetness, so it is recommended to consume it properly.

4. Granola

Granola refers to cereals baked in an oven by mixing oats, brown rice, and barley with dried fruits and nuts with sugar, honey, and oil. It is eaten for breakfast with the advantage of being easy to eat with milk or yogurt, but commercial products contain a lot of sugar and are said to be high in calories. In addition, nuts and dried fruits contained in granola also contain quite a few calories, so if you are trying to control your weight, it is recommended to control your intake by referring to these points.

5. Salad Dressing

Salad, which is a mixture of vegetables, fruits, and meat, is a very important diet when dieting. When composed of low-calorie food, the salad itself is not high in calories, but in the case of dressings used in salad dishes, it is said that the overall calorie is increased because it is made by mixing various seasonings and spices. Therefore, even if the perceived taste is reduced, eating it without adding dressing or making a low-calorie dressing is a good way to control calories.

6. Rice flour

Rice flour refers to brown rice, soybeans, barley, barley, sesame seeds, and various grains such as glutinous rice, which are roasted so that the nutrients are not destroyed and powdered. With the advantage of being able to consume whole grains including various nutrients, it is also a food that is eaten a lot as a convenience food because of its savory and light taste that is easy to eat. However, rice flour with various benefits is said to be rather high in calories, about 358Kcal per 100g. Also, if you mix it with milk, the calories from the milk are added to it, which makes the calories even higher. Therefore, when taking for the purpose of dieting, it is said that it is a good way to control the intake without excessive intake.

7. Corn

Corn is recognized as a food representative of low-calorie food, so it is one of the foods eaten a lot when controlling weight. However, corn is said to be high in calories because it has no water and is mostly composed of carbohydrates.

150g of cornstarch is about 600Kcal, which is equivalent to two bowls of rice. In addition, it is recommended to refrain from consuming large amounts at one time during the weight control period, as not only corn but also puff pastry are high in calories (about 400Kcal per 100g).

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