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6 Tips On How To Help Suppress Your Appetite

6 Tips On How To Help Suppress Your Appetite
6 Tips On How To Help Suppress Your Appetite (Pixabay)

Appetite, the desire to eat food, can be said to be the most basic sense for life activities. After the ingested food goes through normal digestion, the secretion of ghrelin, the fasting hormone, is reduced in the brain, resulting in a natural feeling of satiety and a feeling of comfort and satisfaction. However, excessive appetite that occurs continuously rather than an appetite due to hunger can cause problems. In particular, if the fake hunger symptom of feeling hungry even after eating a certain amount of food continues, it can cause overweight and obesity due to excessive food intake. In addition, if these fake hunger symptoms continue, there will be a bigger problem in the secretion of leptin hormone, which controls appetite, increasing the risk of various adult diseases due to deterioration of body organ function, and psychological stress such as depression and helplessness will also increase. will increase. Therefore, it is recommended to identify the cause of excessive appetite, improve it, and find ways to help suppress appetite without harming health and continuously implement it. So, today, we are going to look at several ways to prevent overeating and help control it in a healthy way. How to help suppress your appetite

1. Change the order of food intake

One of the first ways to help you control your appetite in a healthy way is to change the order in which you eat. When eating, it is recommended to eat vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber first, and then eat protein and carbohydrates in that order. This is because dietary fiber stays in our body for a long time, slowing down digestion and maintaining a feeling of fullness for as long as possible. According to data from the University of Sussex, UK, the group that ate a diet rich in dietary fiber had a higher feeling of satiety as well as a longer duration of satiety after eating compared to the control group that did not. Also, in a related study conducted at Cornell University in the United States, a total of 124 people were classified into a group that ate fruit first and a group that ate eggs and bacon first. It has also been reported that the calorie intake was significantly reduced compared to that of the

2. Eat slowly

Eating slowly can also be a good way to control your appetite in a healthy way. In order to feel full after eating, leptin, a hormone that regulates appetite, must be secreted, and the secretion of leptin takes about 20 minutes after food intake to achieve normal secretion. Therefore, if you eat food quickly before feeling full, you will eat more than the proper amount, which can lead to overeating and binge eating. Therefore, when eating, it is recommended to chew for a long time and eat slowly.

3. Drink plenty of water

Water, which constitutes about 70% of the body, is essential for normal metabolism and life maintenance. When there is insufficient water in the body, nutrients needed by cells cannot be supplied smoothly, causing problems throughout the body such as various organs, blood vessels, and skin. In particular, when thirst occurs due to lack of water, the urge to consume cold drinks and food to quench thirst may increase. Studies have shown that people who drink a lot of water per day feel less hungry than people who drink less water. When drinking water, it is better to drink a moderate amount frequently rather than drinking a lot at once, and it is better to drink lukewarm water rather than cold water.

4. Eat Snacks to Help Suppress Appetite

Eating snacks that can help suppress appetite can also be a good way to prevent excessive appetite. In particular, nuts such as almonds and walnuts are rich in protein, fat, and dietary fiber, so when consumed, digestion occurs slowly, and this keeps the feeling of fullness for a long time. In addition, it is said that chewing when eating nuts stimulates the satiety center in the brain to prevent overeating. Also, consuming various foods such as soy milk, burdock tea, bananas, tomatoes, and raw eggs can help maintain satiety and suppress appetite. However, if you consume processed foods and instant foods that are high in sugar and salt as snacks to relieve hunger for a long period of time, they will adversely affect your body, so you should reduce your intake.

5. Use blue tableware and tablecloths

Since the visual part greatly affects appetite control, it is said that changing the tableware and tablecloths to blue color can help suppress appetite. According to the findings of the study, the blue color not only reminds us of spoiled food, but also gives us a psychologically bitter taste, which helps to suppress appetite. In addition, purple, black, and gray colors as well as blue are known to have the same psychological effect, so if you use them properly, you can get a good effect on suppressing appetite. On the other hand, colors such as red, orange, and yellow are known to stimulate appetite by reminiscent of sweet and spicy flavors.

6. Steady exercise

Regular aerobic exercise and strength training are also said to help suppress appetite. When the body temperature rises through exercise, the satiety center is stimulated, which can help suppress appetite. In addition, regular exercise burns calories from food intake and prevents the accumulation of fat. However, excessive exercise for a long time consumes too much energy, which can increase the desire for food intake, so it is recommended to do moderate-intensity exercise.

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