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6 Potential Causes For Armpit Pain


When problems occur in various parts of the body, various abnormal symptoms such as pain are experienced. The armpit is a circulatory system with well-developed blood vessels, nerve tissue, and lymph nodes, and pain can occur when skin problems and immune system problems occur. However, when abnormal symptoms such as constant pain in the armpit and the formation of lumps appear, the onset of a specific disease may be suspected. In particular, armpit pain in women needs more attention because it is closely related to various diseases such as breast cancer and flatulence. So today, let’s look at the main causes of armpit pain one by one.

armpit pain causes

1. Lymphadenitis

Lymphadenitis is a symptom of enlarged or inflamed lymph glands, and is a representative disease that can be suspected when armpit pain occurs. Because the armpits are distributed throughout the body and serve as a passageway for the lymph glands, which are immune organs that produce various immune substances, when tumors such as lymphoma and inflammation occur, armpit pain and palpable symptoms may appear. In addition, when symptoms worsen, pain may occur in the neck or groin, and various symptoms such as headache and loss of appetite may also appear.

2. Accessory breast

Pain in the armpit can also be caused by Accessory breast. Breast cancer refers to the development of mammary gland tissue in an area other than the normal breast, making it look like it has another breast. It is said that buoyancy is the most common form of proliferation in the armpit, and under the influence of female hormones, it may increase in size or cause pain in the armpit depending on the menstrual cycle.

3. Breast cancer

Persistent pain in the armpit area can be suspected as a sign of breast cancer. Breast cancer refers to a mass of cancer cells that have developed in the breast. In addition to these symptoms, changes in the breast skin or shape may occur, or abnormal or bloody secretions may be discharged from the nipples. In the case of early breast cancer, the 5-year survival rate reaches 90%, but as the symptoms progress gradually, the survival rate deteriorates to the extent that it is reported as low as 34% in the case of stage 4 cancer. Therefore, if various symptoms such as pain and mass in the armpit area, as well as breast pain, discharge from the nipples, etc. appear, it is important to seek treatment promptly.

4. Psoriasis

Underarm pain can also be caused by psoriasis, a typical chronic skin disease. Psoriasis is a chronic disease in which small, millet-like rashes appear on the skin, and white, dandruff-like dead skin cells build up on top of them. It is accompanied by various symptoms such as armpit pain, rash, itching, and pus, and arthritis symptoms that swell and cause pain in the joint area occur at a rate of about 5 to 10%. As psoriasis is a representative chronic disease that repeats improvement and exacerbation, accurate diagnosis and continuous treatment are of utmost importance.

5. Fungi

As the armpit is a part of the body with a lot of sweat glands, it is difficult to remove moisture. If this moisture is not achieved properly, a good environment is created for fungi and bacteria to grow, and various symptoms such as sores, itching, and pain can be caused by the proliferation of fungi. In particular, the incidence of this type of armpit pain increases if you are overweight or have a constitution that excretes a lot of sweat.

other causes

It has been reported that various factors such as sebaceous cyst and premenstrual syndrome can cause armpit pain. In addition, it is said that even if you sit for a long time in a fixed position, it can cause armpit pain due to impaired blood circulation. In addition, if there is direct friction on the muscle due to excessive exercise, work, or activity, fatigue in the muscle, or strain on the shoulder joint, it can cause armpit pain. It is known that stretching and posture correction can help relieve symptoms when the pain is not caused by a specific disease, but is caused by an incorrect posture and muscle strain.

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